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User Manual GTJH003 EN


User Manual

Please read this manual carefully prior to use.



Each of our products has undergone strict tests, and the water in the water tank is residue from test, please feel assured to use.

Prior to use of this product, please read this manual carefully and keep it properly for future reference.



  • Do not immerse the product in water or other liquids, nor wash the product under the water tap.
  • Be careful of the hot steam generated by the hand-held steamer, which may cause scalding.



  • When using the product, note to prevent the risk of steam splashing.
  • Prior to connecting the product to the power supply, please check whether the marked voltage of the product is consistent with the local power supply voltage.
  • In case of obvious damage of plug, power cord or product itself, or that the product has fallen or leaked, do not use the product again.
  • In case of power cord damage, to avoid danger, it must be replaced by professionals from the manufacturer, maintenance department or similar departments.
  • The user is not allowed to leave during the power-on period of the product.
  • This product is not suitable for use by children aged 8 years old or above and people with incomplete limbs, sensory or mental disorders or lack of relevant experience and knowledge, unless under supervision or guide to ensure safe use and allowing them to be aware of the relevant hazards.
  • Do not allow children to play with this product.
  • When the product is powered on or cooling, keep the product and its power cord out of reach of children under 8 years old.
  • Children aged 8 years old or above can clean this product only under supervision.
  • Do not touch the steam head and hot surface during use. This product will generate high-temperature steam during use, please do not aim at people and animals, and do not iron clothes on the body, to avoid the risk of scalding.
  • Prior to cleaning the product, installing or removing brush accessories or filling the water tank with water, make sure to unplug the power plug.



  • The product can only use socket with grounding measures.
  • If the product is very hot, do not allow the steam nozzle to contact any surface when placing the product.
  • Check the power cord for damage on a regular basis.
  • Do not let the power cord get contact with high temperature steam during product operation.
  • Do not use this product when there is no water in the tank.
  • When leaving the product for a short time, please turn off the power of the product and unplug the power plug.
  • After completion of ironing, make sure to turn off the power and unplug the power plug, and allow it to cool down for 60 minutes prior to cleaning the product, installing or removing accessories, emptying the water tank or storing.
  • This product is for domestic use only. Please do not use this product in the bathroom or outdoors.
  • Do not drag this product on the floor.
  • Steam may damage or cause color fading of some walls or doors.
  • Depending on the design, your product is suitable for tap water. If the water quality in your area is very hard, scale may accumulate very quickly. Therefore, it is suggested to inject distilled water into the water tank to extend the service life of product.
  • Do not pour perfume, detergent, ironing agent or other chemicals into the water tank as this product is not suitable for using these chemicals.

Hand-Held Portable Steamer Parts


Part name


Part name


Water tank




Water tank removal button




Steam switch


Gear button


Steam lock button


Thread bushing


Product name

Hand-held portable steamer

Rated power


Rated voltage / frequency


Outlet steam temperature


Tank capacity




Prior to using the product for the first time

-Remove any labels or protective covers from steam head, straighten and sort out the wires prior to use.

-When using it for the first time, allow it to release steam for a few minutes. This will remove any impurities and odors that may be left during manufacturing process.

-To avoid circuit overload, it is recommended not to use the same socket circuit with other electrical appliances.

-When opening the package of hand-held steamer, check the list of all items and parts you receive to avoid being discarded.


Installation and use

  1. Press down the water tank button and take out the water tank, open the water inlet cover and fill the tap water into the water tank. Make sure there is at least one third of the water in the tank and that the water does not exceed the maximum level. Then put the water bank back.
  2. Hold the handle of the hand-held steamer with your hand and install additional brush on the steam head with the other hand. You will hear a “click” sound when it is installed in the correct position.
  3. Connect the device to the power outlet and turn on the power. The power indicator will flash and the hand-held steamer will start heating. When the indicator light stops flashing and stays lit, it indicates that preheating is completed. Press the steam switch to start to use.


The hand-held steamer is very easy to use, which is suitable for ironing clothing with wrinkles/creases, curtains, and refreshing decorative fabrics, and available for use on most fabrics.

Note: The hand-held steamer is designed for use for clothes hanging vertically. Try not to use the hand-held steamer when the clothes are in a horizontal position.

  1. Check for air permeability at the back of the cloth to prevent steam from gathering on the cloth and getting wet.
  2. Check the pockets to make sure no items in the pockets.
  3. Check the back of clothing for objects that are easily damaged by steam.
  4. It is recommended not to use the steamer around the metal parts of clothes. High temperature steam will cause the color fading of metal parts.
  5. When pressing down the steam button, you will feel the vibration and hear a subtle buzz, which is normal.
  6. When ironing, move the nozzle to gently up and down on the folding of the fabric, and the crease can be ironed.
  7. If the buzzing of hand-held steamer turns louder and no steam is ejected, it indicates that there is no or little water in the water tank. Please check the water level of the water tank and fill up water.
  8. Release the steam button to stop the steam.

After use each time

  1. In case of no use, press the power switch or unplug the power cord.
  2. Take out the water tank, open the water inlet cover and reverse the water tank (in a sink or bucket) to discharge the remaining water in the water tank.
  3. Place it vertically on a flat table and wait for the product to cool down.


Maintenance, cleaning and storage

  • Remove the brush from steam head and clean it with wet cloth.
  • Do not use rough or corrosive cleaners or solvents.
  • Do not immerse the hand-held steamer in water or other liquids.
  • Do not fall, throw or try to bend it.
  • Please do not attempt to disassemble the appliance.
  • Discharge the water tank after use each time.
  • Avoid storing the appliance in wet places.
  • Do not place close to heat sources or avoid direct sunlight on the appliance.
  • Always make sure that the steam outlet hole is clean, free of scale, and not blocked.
  • It is recommended to store the hand-held steamer vertically in a flat position, e.g. in a cabinet.
  • It must be descaled twice a year: Fill a portion of vinegar and twice amount of water in the water tank, turn on the steam switch and allow it to work for 5 minutes, then turn off the steam switch and pour out the remaining mixed water in the water tank. After 10 hours, fill with clean water for reuse.



Do not treat the discarded appliance as unclassified municipal waste, please hand them over to the official recycling center. This is good for environment protection.

Troubleshooting Guide


Possible solutions

Hand held steamer does not heat

  • Check whether the plug is inserted correctly.
  • Check the power supply.
  • Check the power button.

Hand-held steamer does not produce steam

  • Check the water level and whether the water tank is installed correctly.
  •  Press the steam button with force.
  • Keep the hand-held steamer in the upright position.

Water leaks from water tank

  • Make sure the water level does not exceed the maximum level.
  • Please make sure that the water inlet of water tank is closed correctly.
  • Always keep the hand-held steamer in an upright position according to the operation instructions provided.

Hand-held steamer has loud buzzing or pumping sound during working

  • Check water level; In case of no water or low water level, fill water into the tank.

Avoid discoloration of metal parts on clothes

  • Do not use the hand-held steamer directly on the metal parts.
  • Take care when there are metal fittings around.