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Air Fryer KQZG013 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Technical parameters

Product name

Rated voltage  

Rated power 

Rated frequency 


 Air fryer 





Execute standard number

IEC 60335-2-9:2019,

IEC 60335-1:2010,

IEC 60335-1:2010/AMD1:2013,  

IEC 60335-1:2010/AMD2:2016 

Ⅱ. Product structure

  1. Temperature control knob 
  2. Timing knob 
  3. Operating indicator light 
  4. Handle 

  1. The silicone sleeve for the frying plate 
  2. Deep fryer 
  3. Frying plate 
  • Warm tips and attention:
  1. Users can adjust the cooking time according to personal taste requirements. 
  2. The silicone sleeve for the frying plate in line with food safety standards, can avoid the fryer and frying plate friction damage coating, with the frying plate to use, without disassembly. 
  3. To avoid burns, do not touch the inner cavity immediately after use. 

Ⅲ. Operation Instruction

  • Direction for use 
Name In Menu   Reference Amount  Temperature  Time
French fries  300g  185℃  14min 
Cake  150g 170℃  10min
Pizza 300g  170℃  7min 
Fish 400g 190℃  20min 
Drumstick  500g 200℃  20min 
Steak  200g 190℃  10min
Shrimp  400g 185℃  12min
Thawing  500g 80℃  30min
Note: The time of menu reference can be adjusted according to personal taste and the type and size of food. If the ingredients are frozen and semi-finished, no thawing is necessary. 
  • Precautions before use
  1. Remove all packing materials before use. 
  2. Remove stickers or labels from products and clean them with a clean cloth. 
  3. The product is suitable for hot air without the use of oil. 
  4. Ensure that the ingredients cooked in this product are not spoiled. 
  5. If it is not used for the first time or for a long time, please preheat it for 10 minutes to remove the residual oil smoke. The first use may smell a peculiar smell, which is a normal phenomenon, not an air fryer fault. 
  • Instructions for use 
  1. Please place the product on a smooth surface, do not place the product on a heat-resistant surface. 
  2. Place food on top of the fryer. Do not place oil or other flammable liquids in the fryer. *Note: Do not place an oil-absorbing pad in the frying plate or fryer for baking food, or the pad may catch fire in a high-temperature environment.
  3. Load the fryer and set the appropriate time according to the type and size of the food, following the recipe and personal preference.
    *Note: When cooking chestnuts, they must be opened first to avoid cracking during the cooking process. 
  4. Pull out the fryer during cooking and the product stops running. Once pushed into the fryer again, the product continues to run.
    *Note: After taking out the fryer, do not touch the inside of the product to avoid scalding by residual heat from high temperatures. 
  5. During the cooking process, it is recommended to turn or stir the food for 3-5 minutes to make the food bake more evenly. 
  6. After cooking, pull out the fryer to make sure the food is cooking well.
    *Note: If the food is not cooked properly, reset the time and cook again. 
  7. After cooking, remove the fryer and place it on a heat-proof mat before transferring the food to a plate.
    *Note: Do not turn the fryer upside down or shake the fryer violently to avoid residue grease sticking to the food. 
  • Component function operation guide
  • Cooking control: 
  1. Turn the timing knob to start the machine and select the cooking time. 
  2. The cooking temperature is controlled by the temperature control knob. 

  • Operating instructions:
  1. Connect the plug of the machine to the power supply, put the ingredients into the fryer, select the corresponding menu time (menu and cooking time can refer to the cooking suggestions of commonly used ingredients on the top), and then the indicator light will be on, indicating the start of cooking food. 
  2. When the timing knob returns to "0", a “ding” indicates the end of cooking. Remove the fryer and place it on a heat-proof mat. If the ingredients are not ripe, increase the time to continue cooking as appropriate. 

Ⅳ. Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Do not use a wire brush, hard brush, or other corrosive liquid to clean the electric oven, so as not to damage the internal and external surface of the electric oven and the protective layer of the blast plate. 
  2. Do not use gasoline, banana water, polish, and other toxic or corrosive cleaning agents for cleaning. 
  3. Do not wash the electric oven with water, and do not immerse the electric oven in water. 
  4. After cooking, remove the power plug from the power socket and wait until the electric oven is completely cool before cleaning. 
  5. The inside and outside surfaces of the air fryer can be wiped with a soft dry cloth or sponge soaked with a neutral cleaner. 
  6. Clean the product after each use. Fryers, fryers, and product interiors are coated. Do not use metal kitchenware or abrasive cleaning materials to avoid damaging the coating. 
  7. Clean the grime on the board and fryer by soaking the board and fryer in hot water and then adding a non-abrasive cleaning material for cleaning. 
  8. If you need to clean the heating tube on the top of the machine, use a cleaning brush when it is cold to remove food residue. 

Ⅴ. Precautions

  • Hint: 
  • To avoid injury and property damage to yourself and others, please observe the following safety precautions. Failure to comply with safety warnings and incorrect use may result in accidents. 
  • Note:
  • This product does not take into account the use of the appliance by unattended young children and persons with disabilities, and the use of the appliance by young children. 
  • Forbidding norm 
  1. Do not use inferior inserts, do not touch them with wet hands, do not flammable materials, and do not allow children to handle them. 
  2. Do not put the product near flammable products. Keep away from curtains, drapes, curtain walls, or similar items when using, in case of fire. 
  3. Do not put your hand or face near the vent during the operation to avoid burns. 
  4. Do not cover the vent with a cloth during the operation to avoid accidents or product damage. 
  5. Do not modify: Except for maintenance technicians, other people are not allowed to decompose and repair, in order to avoid fire, electric shock, or injury. 
  6. Do not use it when the plug or body of the power cord is damaged. 
  7. To avoid power cable damage and fire or electric shock, do not use the following methods: The power cable is forcibly bent, close to high temperature, bound, or bearing heavy loads. 
  8. Do not move or shake the product during operation. 
  9. Do not allow children to operate it alone. Keep it out of the reach of infants and young children to avoid electric shock, scalding, and other dangerous accidents. 
  10. To avoid electric shock, do not insert pins, wires, or other objects into the vent hole at the bottom of the product. 
  11. Do not point the air outlet against the power cable during use. 
  • Mandatory requirement
  1. The appliance shall not be submerged or doused in water. 
  2. This product is for indoor use only. 
  3. Use a socket with a ground wire with a rated current of more than 10A alone. If it is used with other electrical appliances, avoid fire and other dangers caused by abnormal sockets. 
  4. Clean the plug, tail of the power cable, and socket of the product in time if there is dust or water, to avoid fire, electric shock, or short circuit. 
  5. If you need to repair the product or replace parts, please visit the designated professional repair outlets. In order to avoid the use of improper maintenance or improper selection of parts. 
  6. The plug should be thoroughly inserted into the socket to avoid fire, electric shock, and short circuits. 
  7. Do not plug the socket with wet hands to avoid electric shock or injury. 
  8. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by professionals from the manufacturer, another maintenance department,s or similar departments in order to avoid danger. 
  9. The appliance cannot be operated with an external timer or independent remote control system. 
  10. Do not bake the following items in the product, such as paper, plastic, or flammable materials. 
  11. There should be enough space around the product, more than 20 cm away from other items, and the surface should not cover other items. 
  12. Do not open the product without loading it into the fryer. 
  • Warning of events that may result in injury or death 
  1. People with pacemakers or users of hearing AIDS or cochlear implants should consult authorized medical personnel and refer to medical devices for instructions when using this product. 
  2. When using the product, only touch the specified operating interface to prevent burns.
  3. During the operation of the appliance, the temperature of some surfaces is very high, and the surface of the heating chamber will become hot during use. 
  4. When the product is not in use or going out, be sure to unplug the power cable. Otherwise, failure or danger may occur. 
  • Attention: May cause minor injury or property damage 
  1. The product must be used on a stable and heat-resistant table to avoid product damage or accidents. 
  2. Some important parts, such as fuse and other improper maintenance or private short connection may fail to protect the product, leading to overheating or fire. 
  • Warm reminder
  1. If the product picture is inconsistent with the real product, the real product shall prevail. 
  2. Dry burning for 10 minutes for the first time. A small amount of white smoke or odor may occur during dry burning. This is a normal phenomenon. 
  3. Before product work, please check that the fryer is in place, so as not to cause fault. 
  4. If you find fault with the product, please stop using it and contact our service department immediately. 
  5. The frying plate and fryer should be used together in the whole machine, avoiding separate use. 
  6. Please keep the instruction for future reference.