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Automatic foaming soap XSJH002 USER MANUAL



Rated working parameters

Charging parameters

Working temperature

Working humidity

Automatic foaming soap

3.7V —1A

5V —0.5A


10% — 85%RH



① Power button/indicator

② Bubble outlet

③ Sensing area

④ Body

⑤ Liquid inlet tube

⑥ Liquid bottle



Rotate the body counterclockwise to detach it from the bottom, then fill the liquid bottle with foaming hand sanitizer. Rotate the body clockwise to put it back on.



  1. Touchthe switch to turn on the device
  2. When it’s on,reach to the sensing area to pick up the foam
  3. Apply the foam evenly all over your hands and rub your hands thoroughly
  4. Touch the switch again to turn off the device
  5. Indicator status

Turning on

White light on for 1.5s

Turning off

Red light on for 1s then blinks for 0.5s


White light breathes when power is connected


White light stays on

Low battery

Red light on for 3s

Blocking in the sensing area

Red light blinks after 10s



For cleaning, it is recommended to gently wipe the surface with a towel while the device is off.



  1. Please keep the product placed vertically. Do not tilt it to avoid liquid outflow.
  2. Do not immerse the product in water or rinse it directly with water to avoid malfunction.
  3. Please keep the product in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight or near the heat source.