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Activity Overview:
After product delivery confirmed, consumers can write 5-star review to get cashback

Review Requirements:
5-star rate + 15-word comment + 1 picture
*Please do not include the CASHBACK card in the picture or the cashback cannot be claimed.

Cashback: ₱30

Claim Process:
1. Confirm receipt of the order.
2. Rate the order with a 5-star rating, write a 15-word comment, and upload a picture of the product
3. Take a screenshot of the 5-star review and provide your G-cash payment account.
4. Customer service team will recharge the corresponding amount to your G-cash account within 3-5 working days.

Activity Duration: From now until August 30, 2023.

*Each individual order can only participate in the "CASHBACK" activity once, but the same consumer can participate in the activity multiple times with multiple orders.
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