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Coffee Grinder MDJH003 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Product parameters

Product Name

Model NO.

Rated Voltage

Rated Frequency

Rated Power

Coffee Grinder





Ⅱ. Components and installation drawings

  1. Transparent cover
  2. Motor base

Ⅲ. Operation Instructions

  • Before first use:
  1. Carefully unpack your coffee grinder and remove all packing material.
  2. To remove any dust that may have accumulated during packaging, wipe the grinding chamber, blades with a damp lint-free cloth or sponge.
  3. Use extreme care as the blades are sharp. The transparent cover can be immersed in water for cleaning.
  4. Dry the product
  5. Never immerse the motor base in water for cleaning, or fill the grinding chamber with water for cleaning.
  • How to use:
  1. Place the coffee grinder on a flat surface.
  2. Pour coffee beans into the grinding chamber, it must be noted the quantity of coffee beans shall not exceed 60g.
  3. Press the on/off button and hold the lid on tight while the coffee is ground.
  4. After grinding ,unplug the appliance and empty the coffee grinder.
  5. NOTE: Do not operate this appliance continuously for more than 45 seconds, Allow appliance to cool down for 3 minute between two continuous cycles.
  6. View the consistency of coffee grounds from the transparent cover.
  7. NOTE: If you want to remove the cover to check the consistency of the coffee grounds. It must be noted never remove the cover until blades come to a complete stop.
  8. Once the desired grind has obtained, unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  9. Remove the transparent cover, pour out the coffee ground directly.
  • Grinding tips
  1. The COARSE grind is generally used for percolators and coffee urns. MEDIUM grind is used for drip coffee makers and steam-type espresso machines. A FINE grind is used for espresso machines with an electric pump.
  2. Vary the grinding times to suit your taste and type of beans you grind.
  3. For the freshest, most flavorful coffee, please make suitable amounts of coffee beansthat matchthe size of your brewing pot.Coffee beans can be kept up to 2 months in the freezer in an airtight container and be ground while still frozen. Coffee grounds left in your grinder can become stale and affect the flavor of freshly ground coffee. Be sure to clean grinding chamber, blades and cover after each use.
  4. This grinder can only grind dry, brittle foods. It will not grind anything moist, extremely hard, or gummy such as whole ginger, chocolate, sesame seeds or oily spices such as cinnamon, cloves or nutmeg. Do not grind peanuts or grains such as wheat, rice, barley, or dried cornotherwise it may damage the unit. Never use it to chop ice cubes.
  5. Freshly ground peppercorns have a strong aroma and taste that may affect the flavor of coffee beans ground afterward. You may want to purchase a separate grinder if you plan to grind peppercorns.

Ⅳ. Cleaning, maintenance and storage

  1. Be sure to unplug this appliance before cleaning. To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse cord, plug or motor base in water or liquid. After each use, always make sure plug is first removed from wall outlet.
  2. Wash cover with water and mild detergent. The cover is not dishwasher-safe. Rinse thoroughly and dry.
  3. Wipe the grinding chamber, blades with a lint-free cloth. Extreme care should be exercised as the blade is sharp.

Ⅴ. Precautions

  1. Read all instructions.
  2. To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not put the product into water or other liquid.
  3. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they are closely supervised and instructed concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  4. Turn the appliance OFF, then unplug from the outlet when not in use, before assembling or disassembling parts and before cleaning. To unplug, grasp the plug and pull from the outlet. Never pull from the power cord.     
  5. Avoid contacting any operating parts.
  6. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, or is dropped or damaged in any manner. Return appliance to the nearest authorized service facility for examination, repair or electrical or mechanical adjustment.
  7. The use of attachments not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock or injury.
  8. Do not use outdoors .
  9. Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter.
  10. Do not let cord contact hot surface, including the stove.
  12. Check hopper for presence of foreign objects before using