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Cookware GUOJ User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. This cookware is compatible with most burners.

Ⅱ. Instructions

  • Please remove the package and all labels before first use, gently clean and rinse the cookware with a soft sponge or rag dipped in hot water and mild detergent, then boil water once, and finally apply a layer of vegetable oil on its interior surface after drying. Periodic maintenance can extend the nonstick performance of your cookware for a long time.

Ⅲ. Maintenance:

  1. When using the cookware on induction cookers, do not dry burn it empty. The induction cooker is a stove that heats up extremely fast. It will damage the pan/wok/pot if overheated. Electromagnetic noise may occur at high temperatures, which is a normal phenomenon. It’s due to technical limitations. It does not indicate your stove or pan is malfunctioning. When using the cookware on ceramic stoves, do not move it frequently to avoid unnecessary scratches on the surface of the glass-ceramic furnace. 
  2. Do not burn empty cookware without oil or water, especially in an induction oven. 
  3. Avoid overheating when preheating. Temperature rapid rise will damage the nonstick coating of the pan/wok/pot or even makes it deform. 
  4. Do not use high heat to cook. Setting low to medium heat is recommended. This cookware can’t be left unattended during cooking. Unmanned agitation will cause pan paste. In this case, wipe it with a soft sponge/dishcloth and hot water. 
  5. Do not use a metal spatula or utensils. Please use heat-resistant nylon, silicone, or wooden spatula to stir fry. Shellfish is not advised to cook in this wok/pan/pot. Never cut food inside the pan. 
  6. Do not attempt to cool the hot cookware by pouring cold water. Do not use sharp or abrasive objects to clean it. Please use a soft sponge or rag with mild washing liquid and hot water to clean. Never use a wire brush or abrasive sponge. After cleaning apply a thin layer of vegetable oil. 
  7. It is not recommended to wash it in a dishwasher. It may destroy the coating or handle. 
  8. Do not store acid food in the cookware. 
  9. The slight surface scratch is normal. It doesn’t influence the nonstick performance. 

Ⅳ.  Points for Attention:

  1. Do not touch the lid during 
  2. Keep your eyes far away from the cookware when opening the 
  3. Keep it away from children especially when it’s hot.
  4. Put it on a suitable size stove and adjust the flame to avoid the handle