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Corded Vacuum Cleaner XCQH002 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Model Specification

Product name

Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Operating radius


Product model


Single size


Rated voltage




Rated frequency



Ⅱ. Component

  1. Handle
  2. Switch
  3. Dust cup
  4. Extension tube
  5. Floor brush

Ⅲ. Operation Guidance

  1. Release the power cord, plug it into the 220V power socket, press the power switch, and start working.
  2. Select the right attachment to connect it to the host machine.
  3. Press the power switch, the vacuum cleaner begins to work, and press again to turn off the vacuum cleaner.
  • Kindly remind: When installing and removing parts, unplug the power supply; ground brushes are suitable for cleaning dust on floors, carpets, and tiles.
  • Attention: The suction port must always be kept open and blocked without foreign objects, otherwise, the motor overheating will cause accidents; you can also use the suction port directly without installing any accessories!

Ⅳ. Cleaning and maintenance

  • Preventive measure
  1. Do not approach the vacuum cleaner to the heat source, the radiation source, or the burning cigarette tip.
  2. When plugged in, make sure your hands are not wet.
  3. Before using the vacuum cleaner, be sure to evacuate the large or sharp objects to avoid harming the filter of the dust cup.
  4. When unplugging, please unplug instead of the power cord.
  5. Do not inhale burning cigarettes, matches, or all other burning objects.
  6. Do not use this machine until the dust cup is installed.
  • Maintenance of vacuum cleaner
  1. Turn out the dust cup from the whole machine.
  2. Take out the dust cup filter net.
  3. Empty the dust in the dust cup, can directly wash the dust on the dust cup with water.
  4. If the filter screen is seriously blocked, the filter screen can be directly washed with cold water and installed in the dust cup for 24 hours.
  5. Carefully replace the dust cup filter. If the vacuum cleaner is not installed. And note that the filter is installed in place.
  6. Install the dust cup in place as shown in the figure below.

Ⅴ. Product safety matters

  • Please read the operating instructions of this product carefully before use.
  • Any operation inconsistent with the contents of the instructions may cause serious personal injury or damage to the product itself.
  • Your vacuum cleaner is an electric appliance; it must be used in accordance with the normal use conditions, do not let the vacuum cleaner in unattended operation alone.
  • It is strictly prohibited to inhale the following objects, otherwise, it may damage the vacuum cleaner or cause fire, causing personal injury and other accidents.
  1. Hot objects, such as charcoal fires, and cigarette butts.
  2. Large and sharp fragments, such as glass.
  3. Hazardous substances (solvent, corrosive agent), corrosive agent (acid agent, cleaner), and water and other solutions.
  4. Inflammable and explosive items, such as gasoline or alcohol products.
  • Power supply line and voltage
  1. When cleaning, repairing, or temporarily using the vacuum cleaner, the power must be cut off.
  2. Cut off the power supply: do not pull the power cable, unplug the plug. Check and confirm that the vacuum cleaner use voltage must be consistent with the supply voltage.
  3. The power cord of the vacuum cleaner does not let it pass through the sharp items, so as not to damage the power cord.
  • Notes for use and storage
  1. Do not immerse the vacuum cleaner in the water, avoid being close to the heating equipment or exposure, so as to avoid fire.
  2. Do not drag the power cord to move the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Do not let children play with or operate the vacuum cleaner to avoid accidents.
  4. Avoid long-time operation under the blocked suction mouth to avoid motor damage and heating deformation of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner in the following situations:
  1. The drop occurs with obvious damage or abnormal operation.
  2. Status of the damaged power cord. (In this case, do not turn on the machine, and timely send it to the maintenance department designated by the company for maintenance.) The power line is connected with the motor in Y type, so if the power line is damaged, it can only be replaced with a special appliance, so it must be replaced with the special power line in the maintenance department designated by the company.


  • Q1: How many accessories are there?
  • A1: This vacuum cleaner has two accessories, a floor brush and a crevice tool

  • Q2: Is it cordless?
  • A2: Sorry this vacuum has 4 meters cord.

  • Q3: Is it normal for a vacuum cleaner to get hot?
  • A3: Due to the high speed of the motor suction of this vacuum cleaner, it has strong suction ability; Therefore, in the case of long time use, the machine heat.

  • Q4: The vacuum cleaner has no suction/very little suction
  • A4: We are really sorry, it is abnormal. Simplus provides 1-year warranty, please send us a video here when you are free, and we'll help you solve the  problem.

  • Q5: The pipe/brush head is broken
  • A5: Really sorry for the inconvenience caused by us, please take a pciture of the broken part and send us. we'll reship you a new accessory if it is broken. Thank you so much for your kind understanding.

  • Q6:  The accessory is missing.
  • A6:Sorry for any inconvenience we might cause, could you please take a picture of the product you have received? We will inform the warehouse to prepare the missing accessory for you.

  • Q7: The vacuum cleaner switch button is out of order
  • A7: We're sorry to hear that. We appreciate it if you can help us to film a video of how you try to use the product. Please don't worry, we will have the tech team check it and diagnose the problem for you.