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Rated voltage


Suction capacity

Dust cup capacity

Cordless vacuum cleaner







①Handle ②Switch ③Host ④Dust cup ⑤Extension tube ⑥Floor brush ⑦Charging port ⑧Anti-accidental start cover ⑨Flat tube ⑩Charging cable



Insert the two extension tubes into the host as shown:

Then insert the floor brush into the tube

Picture after installation



  1. After charging, remove theanti-accidental start coverand long press the power switch for 2 seconds to start.
  2. Choose the right accessoriesto connectto the host.
  3. The devicehas 2 gears.Long press the switch to turn on the low gear, then lightly press to the high gear. One more press to turn off the device.



Maintenance of the vacuum cleaner

  1. Takeout the dust cup from the device

  1. Remove the dust cup filter
  2. To empty the dust in the dust cup, you can rinse the dust cup directly.
  3. If the filter is clogged, rinse the filter with cold water directly and re-install after 24 hours of drying.
  4. Replace the dust cup filter carefully and do not use the vacuum cleaner without the filter. Make surethe filter installation is in place.
  5. Install the dust cup: align the dust cup bump and the unlocking markon the host, and rotateit until the dust cup bump aligned with the locking mark.



  1. Your vacuum cleaner is a motorized appliance: it must be used under normal conditions. Never leave the vacuum cleaner running alone.
  2. DO NOT inhale the following objects, otherwise the vacuum cleaner may be damaged, causing fire, personal injury or other accidents.
  • Heat generating objects such as carbon fire, cigarette butts, etc.
  • Large sharp fragments, such as glass, etc.
  • Harmful objects, erosive agents and liquids such as water.
  • Flammable and explosive items, such as gasoline or alcohol products.
  • Non-household garbage, such as construction debris, cement, etc.
  1. When cleaning, repairing or temporarily not using the vacuum cleaner, the power supply must be cut off.
  2. Make sure the power adapter of the vacuum cleaner and the voltage areconsistent with the rated
  3. Do not immerse the vacuum cleaner in water, and avoid close proximity to heat generating appliances or exposure to the sun to avoid fire.
  4. Do not use the vacuum cleaner in the following situations.
  • it has been dropped and is visibly damaged or is not functioning properly.
  • the power adapter is broken