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Working pressure

Adapter input

Adapter output

Vacuum cleaner

18.5V DC.

100~240V 50/60Hz

22V 800mAh



1.VC handle

2.Air outlet hole

3.Dust cup  

4.Dust cup release button

5.On off Switch button

6.Battery pack

7.Battery pack release button

8.HEPA Filter

9.Electric tube release button

10.Electric brush release button

11.Electric brush

12.Brush roller

13.Dust mite nozzle

14.Crevice nozzle

15.Small brush

16.Cleaning tool


18.Wall dock


① Charging indicator

② Digital speed indicator

③ Round LED lamp

④ Speed regulating indicator

⑤ Of/off button



  1. Battery pack

Press the release button on the battery pack and place it into the top of the vacuum. The battery will click if it is properly installed.

  1. Tube and motorized brush

Align and match the tube to the vacuum until it clicks, then align and match the motorized brush to the tube until it clicks.

  1. Accessories

Push the long crevice tool or other accessories to the suction tube or the vacuum until it clicks into place.



  1. Please make sure the vacuum cleaner has battery power before use. Charge for 3.5 hoursbefore the first use. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the power, and press it again to turn off.
  2. The default start-up mode is speed2, touch the screen to adjust the speed from the minimum speed of 1 to the maximum speed of 6. The digital display shows the working speed level.
  3. Vacuum pressure will gradually increase.
  4. Theround LED lamp will stay lit during operation or discharge.



  1. Clean the dustcup

Turn off the vacuum cleaner, and press the release button to empty the dust cup.

  1. Clean the inlet filters

Empty the dust cup first, then rotate and remove the HEPA filter cover and use a sponge to clean the dust. Rinse the filter for a deep clean, then dry it in the air.

Note: Dry the filter completely before installing.

  1. Cleaning the brush roll

Turn off the vacuum cleaner. Rotate the brush roll cover, then remove the brush roll, and clean it.



  1. Children 8 years of age and older and persons with physical, sensory, or mental impairments or lack of experience and knowledge may use the equipment provided they are supervised or instructed to use the equipment in a safe manner and understand the hazards involved. Children must not play with the equipment. Children must not clean or maintain the equipment while it is unsupervised.
  2. This equipment is intended for home use only.
  3. Do not use this equipment outdoors.
  4. Do not turn on the appliance unattended as this may cause danger.
  5. Place the device on a flat surface.
  6. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified person to avoid danger.
  7. The following items are strictly prohibited, as they may damage the vacuum cleaner or cause a fire, resulting in personal injury or other accidents:
  • Do not pick up large or sharp broken objects such as glasses,
  • Do not pick up harmful or corrosive liquids,
  • Do not pick up flammable or explosive items such as gasoline or alcohol.
  1. Check the device and connections regularly for visible damage. The device must not be used if the housing is damaged or with other damage.
  2. Never try to open the device or the power adapter or replace the connection cable by yourself. Always have the device serviced by a specialized service station. A faulty repair can cause great danger to the user.
  3. Do not pinch the power adapter cable and pay attention to the cable when using the adapter to prevent tripping. Keep the cable away from heated surfaces.
  4. Do not touch the power adapter and cables with wet hands.
  5. Do not point the vacuum cleaner at people or animals while in operation.
  6. Use the power adapter only on dry surfaces in buildings.
  7. Use the appliance only with the supplied accessories.
  8. Use the appliance only with the supplied adapter.
  9. The device may only be powered by a safe ultra-low voltage corresponding to the marking on the device.
  10. This device contains a lithium-ion battery; do not burn the battery or expose it to high temperatures to avoid an explosion.
  11. This device should only be charged with the supplied adapter.