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Fresh water tank

Sewage tank

Cordless dry wet floor scrubber







①Handle ②Sewage Tank ③Roller Brush Release Button ④Roller Brush Carrying Handle ⑤Self-Cleaning Button ⑥Gear Button ⑦On/Off Button ⑧Fresh Water Tank Release Button ⑨Fresh Water Tank ⑩Charging Base



  1. Handle
  • Take out the upper and lower part.
  • Inserted the upper part into the lower part, until you hear two snaps.

  1. Fresh water tank
  • Please put the bottom of the fresh water tankinto the corresponding position of the machine.
  • Then gently push the bucket, when you hear the “click” sound, the installation is successful.
  1. Sewage tank
  • Please put the bottom of the sewage water tankinto the corresponding position of the body.
  • Then gently push the bucket, when you hear the “click” sound, the installation is successful.
  1. Roller Brush
  • Insert the brush without handle into the corresponding position.
  • And then the end with the handle will be stuck into the left groove of the brush, that is, the installation is completed.




  • Before using, pleasefully charge the product.
  • Defaultmode is standard mode. You can choose your own mode based on needs.

2.Gear switching

  • The powerswitch is above the handle. Touch this button to Press again to turn off.
  • When the machine is working, you can press the gear switchto choose between standard mode, and powerful mode.
  1. Charging instructions
  • First put the machine into the charging seat, and connect the charger power cord to the
  • When charging, please keep the machine upright and close to the corner edge to avoid tripping.
  1. Self-cleaning
  • Please clean up the sewagebefore and after self-cleaning.
  • When you need to clean, press the self-cleaning button at the back of the handle to start self-cleaning.
  • After self-cleaning is finished, the machine enters the charging state.



  1. Before cleaning, please turn offthe machine.
  2. Cleaning the body

Scrub with water or neutral detergent, and make sure to wring out the cleaning cloth before scrubbing.

  1. Clean the sewage tank

When the tank is full of sewage, the machine will automatically shut down. If you find any dirt on the inner wall of the tank, you can clean it directly with a brush.

  1. Clean the suction port

Wipe the dirtiness sensor inside the pipe with a wet rag or use the cleaning tool to clean the dirt inside.

  1. Clean the filter rack

Clean the filter rack with a cleaning brush and rinse with water.

  1. Clean the HEPA

It is recommended that the HEPA be cleaned and dried after each use.

  1. Cleaning the Roller Brush

Use the accessory cleaning brush to clean hair and debris from the roller brush, and then rinse it with clean water. Please use a wet rag to wipe the stains on the suction nozzle opening instead of water.



  1. This product is not intended for use by persons with physical, sensory, or mental impairments, or by persons (including children) lacking experience and common sense, unless supervised or instructed to ensure safe use.
  2. Do not touch the plug or any energized part of the product with wet hands to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  3. If the charger or plug is damaged, stop using it. Please call our professional maintenance personnel to replace it to avoid any hazard.
  4. Keep the airflow channels and moving parts of this product away from long hair, loose clothing, fingers and other parts ofhuman Do not point the dust hose, accessory tips or tools at your eyes, ears or put them in your mouth.
  5. When in use, if you find leakage of electricity or high temperature of the motor and abnormal sound, such as overheating of the body, strange sound, smell, weak suction, etc., you should stop using it immediately and call a professional maintenance personnel.
  6. When charging, please use the charger that is specially fitted; other types of chargers may cause the battery to malfunction or extreme thermal effects.
  7. If you do not use the product for a long time, turn off the power and unplugit.
  8. After using the machine, please clean up the sewage tankin time and keep the ventilation path unobstructed to avoid the decrease of suction power and the heating of the motor, thus affecting the service life of the floor
  9. After using the machine, please put it in a dry place to Damp place will affect the insulation and service life of theappliance.
  10. The scrubber body and brush contain electrical parts and should not be soaked or rinsed.
  11. Please check the smoothness of the suction nozzle regularly, if there is any blockage, please remove it in time to avoid the blockage caused by decreased
  12. Please ensure that the machine is turned off before replacing the brush.
  13. When the machine malfunctions, do not repair by yourself.Please call our after-sales department to get help.
  14. The charging time of the product is 5±0.5h.If it exceeds the normal charging time and is still charging, please stop it immediately, otherwise there may be risk of the battery heating, deformation or extreme thermal effect.
  15. Please do not pour water on the charging seat.