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Digital Kettle DRSH005 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ.  Specification parameters 

Product name  Rated Voltage  Rated Power  Product capacity  Maximum scale  Heating method 
Digital Kettle  220V 1500W 


1.7L Heating tube

Ⅱ. Product structure 

  1. Lid 
  2. Spout
  3. Body 
  4. Base
  5. Switch
  6. Handle
  7. Boil/cancel key
  8. Temperature control key
  9. Power cable 

Ⅲ. Instructions for use 

  • After first use or long absence, fill the kettle to its full water level, then boil the water once or twice and pour it out to clean the pot. Not suitable for drinking at this time! 
  1. Press the cover button to open the lid. After opening the lid, pour water into the kettle, pay attention not to exceed the maximum water level, cover the lid, put on the power base, pay attention to good contact. 
  2. Install the power plug into the 220V AC power socket. If the indicator is on, it is powered on. 
  3. Then according to the panel instructions operation, can precisely control the boiling, temperature control and other functions. 
  4. Lift the electric kettle away from the base of the power supply to pour water and drink. Note: Pay attention to the hot stainless steel parts when opening the cover. 
  5. Double dry burning protection function: 
  • When the kettle is heated without water, the double protection function of the product will automatically stop heating and prevent the kettle from being damaged.
  • When the above situation occurs, please pull out the power cord from the socket and use the electric kettle normally after it cools down (about 10 minutes). Do not use cold water to cool the heating system. Otherwise, the service life of the heating system will be reduced. 
  • Instructions for using the panel: 
  • Boil 
  1. After filling the water, plug it in and place the pot on the base. 
  2. Press the "boil/Cancel" button, the "boil" light will turn on, enter the state of boiling water, and continue to heat until the "boil" light is off, to complete the boiling water. 
  • Adjust the temperature 
  1. After filling the water, plug it in and place the pot on the base. 
  2. Press the "temperature adjustment" key, at this time, the "heat preservation" light will light up, and the temperature value will switch from 45-55-65-75-85-95 according to the press times, and the screen will display the corresponding value. After selecting the temperature, start heating to the selected temperature. 
  • Temperature control + boil/cancel 
  1. After filling the water, plug it in and place the pot on the base. 
  2. Press the "temperature adjustment" button to select the insulation temperature. The "insulation" lamp will blink for several seconds and then enter the working state. Press the "boil/Cancel" button again, and the "boil" light will turn on and enter the state of boiling water. After the boiling water is finished, the "boiling" lamp is off, and the "insulation" lamp is on, entering the insulation state. 
  • Note: In panel operations 2 and 3 above, the holding time is 24 hours. 

Ⅳ. Cleaning and Maintenance 

  • In order to extend the service life of the electric kettle, the mineral sediment in the kettle should be cleaned regularly. 
  • Before cleaning, unplug the power and let the electric kettle cool. 
  • Do not use a steel wire ball and any chemical or powdery detergent to clean the external surface of the kettle. 
  1. Pour 0.5L edible white vinegar into an electric kettle and let it soak for more than 1 hour;
  2. Pour the solution out of the pot and wipe away the residual sediment with a damp cloth; 
  3. Pour water into the electric kettle and boil it, rinse it with clean water 4-5 times, and the kettle can be used again; 
  4. If necessary, please repeat the above operation several times; 
  5. The bottom of the electric kettle can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. 

Ⅴ. Safety Precautions

  • To ensure safety and avoid injury and property damage to you and others, observe the following safety precautions. Misoperation may cause accidents. 
  • Power supply voltage must be consistent with the label of this product! 
  • Children, the elderly or the disabled, and people without experience should use this product under the guidance of their guardians; 
  • Please put the electric kettle on a flat surface, do not put the electric kettle near the heat source, and do not place on any electrical appliances; 
  • Do not put the electric kettle or the base of the power supply in wet places or immersed in water and other liquids. Please do not operate this product when your hands are wet; 
  • The water content should be at least able to soak the bottom of the pot, but not higher than the maximum or upper water level. If the electric kettle is too full, boiling water may spurt out. 
  • Do not open the lid of the electric kettle when it is boiling water, the hot steam will cause burns, and put it in a place where children can not reach, after the work of the electric kettle, the surface temperature has not dropped to normal temperature, do not put your face or hand close to the kettle body, so as to avoid burns; 
  • This product can only use the special electric kettle power base provided by the company, can not use other power base supporting, can not use the parts that are not developed by the company; 
  • In the process of boiling water, if there is a fault, the power supply should be cut off, take the electric kettle off the power base, let it cool to room temperature before fault detection or cleaning; 
  • This product can only be used for boiling water, can not use electric kettles to boil milk, coffee, or tea, and can not be used for cooking food; 
  • This product can only be connected with alternating current, and the use of the socket with a ground wire device; Do not use an electric kettle or before cleaning, please unplug; When pouring water, only use the hand to shake the handle of the kettle; 
  • Do not insert pins, wires, or other items into any gap or opening of the electric kettle or power base to avoid electric shock injury; 
  • If the product breaks down or is damaged, please go to the service station designated by the company for maintenance; 
  • If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its maintenance department, or similar professionals; 
  • This electric kettle is suitable for household use, not commercial, outdoor, or industrial use.