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Ⅰ. Specification 

Product name

Product Model

Rated voltage 

Rated Frequency 

Rated Power 

Water Tank Capacity 





1400W About 900ML 

Ⅱ. Components and installation drawings

  1. Flip cover 
  2. Capsule compartment 
  3. Small Cup Water Receiving Net 
  4. Large Cup Bracket Water Box Components 
  5. Function buttons 
  6. Water Tank 
  7. Power cord 
  8. Small cup button 
  9. Big cup button 
  10. Capsule entrance 

Ⅲ. Product Instructions

  • The use of large and small cups 
  • Take out the coffee machine from the package. When you need to drink a large cup, turn up the water connection net of the small cup to use it;
  • Water tank filling 
  • Please clean the water tank before use. Take out the water tank from the main body of the coffee machine, add purified water, and then put the water tank into the main body of the coffee machine.
  • Note: Do not add hot or tap water.
  • Power on/off 
  • Connect the power plug to the 220V household power supply, short press the small cup button or the big cup button to turn on the machine. 
  • Reminder: 
  1. The button indicator light flashes at the same time, indicating that the preheating is in progress (about 40 seconds); the button indicator light is always on, indicating that the preheating is completed; 
  2. The preheating time is related to the stability of the actual voltage and the ambient temperature; after the preheating is completed, the casings on both sides of the coffee machine will heat up, which is a normal phenomenon. 
  3. The coffee machine has an energy-saving mode, and it will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of no operation. 
  • Wash before first use 
  • Please wash before first use. Fill the water tank with water. After preheating is complete, place the cup at the bottom of the coffee, press the large cup button to dispense water 2-3 times, and pour it out. After cleaning, please pull the capsule compartment and the large cup holder water box assembly out of the machine and disassemble them. Empty the remaining liquid in the capsule compartment, rinse with clean water, then wipe with a dry towel, and put it back into the machine. 
  • Reminder: The coffee machine will be tested for coffee extraction before leaving the factory, and there may be residues, which is a normal phenomenon.
  • Make coffee 
  • Lift the upper cover until it is fully opened. Please put in the matching capsule correctly according to the direction shown in the illustration, then close the upper cover, place the cup under the coffee spout, press the corresponding small cup button or large cup button, and wait for the coffee to be made. During the coffee-making process, press any button to stop making. After the production is complete, please open the upper cover again, and the used capsules will automatically fall into the discarded capsule box. 
  • Warm reminder: Please clean up the discarded capsules and residual liquid in time after use, and the upper layer of the discarded capsule box can hold up to 10 discarded capsules. 
  • Precautions: 
  1. Do not tear off the capsule film or reuse the capsule. 
  2. In order to ensure the service life of the product, please use matching capsule coffee purchased from regular channels. 
  3. During the coffee-making process, please do not open the top cover to avoid accidents.
  • In the process of making coffee, the lack of water in the water tank will cause the coffee machine to stop automatically, and all the button indicators will continue to flash. After adding water, press the small cup button or the large cup button again, and the coffee machine will remake according to the complete small cup or large cup. Please estimate the remaining capacity of the cup first, and beware of overflow. 
  • Amount of coffee 
  • The default coffee volume of the small cup button is about 40mL; the default coffee volume of the large cup button is about 110mL; 
  • Descaling 
  • Pour the diluted citric acid solution into the water tank to the upper water level (about 800mL), and place a container of no less than 1000mL under the coffee spout (for receiving the hot water discharged during cleaning and descaling). After plugging in, press the small cup button and the big cup button at the same time for 3 seconds to start the cleaning (descaling) program. After the completion, clean the water tank, add pure water at normal temperature to the upper water level, press the big cup button to discharge water, and repeat 2-3 times to clean the pipeline. 
  • Note: Do not drink the hot water discharged during cleaning (descaling). 
  • Reminder: 
  1. Please dilute according to the ratio in the instruction manual of citric acid solution; 
  2. Press any key to exit the cleaning (descaling) program; 
  3. During the cleaning (descaling) process, the small cup and large cup button indicators flash alternately. 

Ⅳ. Maintenance 

  • If you don’t use it for a long time, please unplug the power and pour out the remaining water in the water tank. Before using it again, please press the big cup button to discharge water 2-3 times and pour it out; 
  • After making coffee each time, please clean the capsule compartment in time. If you do not use the coffee machine for a long time, please ensure that there are no capsules and residual liquid in the coffee machine; 
  • Please use pure water. If you use tap water or poor water quality, there may be less water, clogging, scaling, etc., and may shorten the service life of the coffee machine. 

Ⅴ. Precautions 

  1. Normal use of the power plug, the power must be disconnected during maintenance and transportation 
  2. Do not wash the main body of the coffee machine with water, do not immerse it in water, and avoid using it in high temperatures and humid places; 
  3. It is forbidden to open the upper cover or add pure water during use; be careful of steam burns when opening the upper cover; 
  4. Do not let young children use this product as a toy; 
  5. Do not allow persons lacking in physical strength, perception, and intelligence or lack of experience and common sense to operate without supervision or guidance guided use of this product; 
  6. Do not let unattended children and disabled people use the coffee machine; 
  7. If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be repaired by the manufacturer, its maintenance department, or a professional personnel replacement; 
  8. It is strictly forbidden to add hot water, ice cubes, and other mixed liquids, such as milk, juice, etc.; 
  9. Please use a socket with a grounding wire with a rated current of 10A or above alone, and avoid contact with other electrical appliances 
  10. Share the socket to avoid fire caused by abnormality; 
  11. Do not use wet hands to unplug the plug, so as not to cause fire, electric shock, or short circuit; 
  12. Do not use voltages other than the rated voltage range to avoid fire and electric shock.