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Electric Fan






①Lever ②Knob ③Rear Cover ④Rear Net ⑤Front Net ⑥Power Cord ⑦Short Column ⑧Long Column ⑨Bottom



  1. The sequence is as shown

  1. Main body

(A) Install the column by rotating counterclockwise. Install the other one or two columns the same way.

(B) After the columns are installed, hold the column assembly with both hands and insert it into the bottom, then rotate the bottom plastic nut clockwise.

  1. Headassembly locking nut removal

Firstly, rotate the fan blade locking nut on the head assembly clockwise to remove it, and then rotate the rear net locking nut counterclockwise to remove it.

  1. Rear net

Remove the fan blade locking nut and rear net locking nut on the head assembly, then align the fan rear net with the head assembly and install it to the motor head. Tighten the rear net locking nut clockwise to fasten it.

  1. Fan blade

Align the center hole of the wind blade with the motor shaft, and the motor pin with the wind blade pin slot, then tighten the wind blade locking nut counterclockwise to secure the wind blade to the motor head.

  1. Front net

Set the front net into the rear net frame, and rotate the net clockwise until it is aligned with the rear net, then insert the net cover fixing screws into the holes at the bottom of the fan netcover and tighten it clockwise with a screwdriver.



  1. Thepitch angle can be adjusted manually.
  2. Pluggingin, the machine enters the standby state. Rotate clockwise to enter 0-1-2-3-0-1 wind speed cycle. Counterclockwise rotation, to 0-3-2-1-0-3 wind speed cycle.
  3. If you need the fan to swingits head, please pull up the head lever. To stop swinging its head, please press the lever down.
  4. When using the remote control fan, point the remote control to the receiving hole and press the function buttons on the panel to activatefunctions.
  5. On/standby button: Press this button to turn on the fan with defaultwind speed for the first gear. Press this button again for the second gear, then again for the third gear. Press this button once again to enter the standby state.
  6. Timing button: Press this buttonto set the automatic shutdown time of the fan.
  7. swingingbutton: When using the remote control fan, press this button to swing the fan’s head. Press again to stop.



  1. Before cleaning this product, you must make sure it’s unplugged;
  2. Don’tuse water or other liquids to clean electrical components (such as power switch, motor, etc.). Electrical components can be wiped with a clean cloth;
  3. Do not use any abrasive tools and solvents that will damage the surface to clean the product.It can be cleaned with detergent, and then wiped dry with a clean cloth;
  4. It is prohibited to disassemble the product for remodeling, and it is recommended to check and clean this product annually to extend itslifespan.



  1. Before using, please check whether the voltage used is the same as the voltage marked on the machine;
  2. Please do not turn on the power before the fan is assembled. Make sure to cut off the power when moving the fan;
  3. Do not pull the power plug with wet hands to avoid the danger of electric shock;
  4. When the fan is running, do not insert fingers or sharp objects into the netcover;
  5. Please avoid high temperature, high humidity, acid and alkali oil, insecticidal water and curtains and other dangerousitems;
  6. Infants and the elderly should not be exposedthe strong wind for a long time;
  7. Do not place the fan on a tilted surface to avoid the fan toppling over;
  8. Before use, you need to check whether the power cord and plug are damaged. If the power cord is damaged,it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its maintenance department or a similar department of professionalsfor safety;
  9. When a person leaves the machine or the machine is not in use, turn off the power and unplug the power supply to avoid accidents caused by circuit failure;
  10. This product is prohibited to be used by physically weak, unresponsive or mentally challenged people, unless it is used safely under the guidance or assistance of a person who is responsible for its safety. Unattended young children and disabled people are prohibited to use or play with this product.