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Electric Food Processor DDJR005 User Manual English Version

Video - Electric Food Processor

Ⅰ. Product Parameters

Product Name

Model NO.

Rated Voltage

Rated Frequency

Rated Power

Electric Food Processor





Ⅱ. Product Display

  1. Host
  2. Cup cover
  3. Chopping cup
  4. Knife positioning axis
  5. Power button&cover
  6. Blade  
  7. Non-slip mats
  8. Power cord
  9. Blade guard

Ⅲ. Instructions

  • Getting Started
  1. Before first use, thoroughly wash parts that come into contact with food.
  2. Add an appropriate amount of household detergent in clean water, and warm water works better.
  3. Because the blade is very sharp, do not wash the blade directly by hand, but use a cleaning cloth or a brush to clean it, so as not to cut your hands.
  4. After turning on the power, press the switch on the machine head to start the product, and the machine stops working when the hand is released.
  • Installation:
  1. Put the non-slip mat under the chopping cup and operate the product on  a dry and flat surface.
  2. Take off the blade guard, insert the blade on the positioning axis at the bottom of the cup and make sure it is inserted in place where the reamer can rotate normally.
  3. Put the food into the chopping cup, then close the lid and press it tightly.
  4. Put the four corresponding concave points on the host bottom to the four convex points on the cup cover, and lock them in place to ensure that they are installed.
  5. Add food, press and hold the main unit after turning on the power, then press the switch to start working . It is recommended that the continuous work should not exceed 30 seconds at a time.
  6. Disconnect the power supply after the processing is completed. Wait for the blade to stop rotating and then remove the host, open the cup cover, and take out the blade.  
  7. Remove food with chopsticks.
  8. If the food stick to the inner wall of the chopping cup, please turn off the power, disconnect the power supply and then open the chopping cup cover and scrape the food off with chopsticks before processing.
  • Safety Precautions
  1. If the product shakes due to uneven distribution of food, please turn off the switch, disconnect the power, distribute the food evenly in the chopping cup, and then turn on the power.
  2. If the food is not completed within 30 seconds, please release the power switch and process again after an interval of 30 seconds. This method is conducive to prolonging the life of the product.
  • How to make:
  • Meat:

Insert the blade into the positioning axis at the bottom of the chopping cup. Remove the tendons, bones, and skin of the meat before processing. Cut the meat into 2-4 cm pieces and put them into the chopping cup. The amount of meat can be produced is 30 grams to 100 grams.

  • Fruits and vegetables:

Insert the blade into the positioning axis at the bottom of the chopping cup. Cut the strip or leaf-shaped food into 1-2cm small pieces

The amount of strips can be produced once should not exceed 1/2 of the total amount of the chopping cup.

The amount of leaf shape can be produced once should not exceed four-fifths of the total amount of the chopping cup, and it is better to make the lid of the chopping cup fit tightly on the cup top.

  • Dry grinding:

Insert the blade into the positioning axis at the bottom of the chopping cup.  Cut the dried chilies into 2-3cm pieces, and put them in the chopping cup.

The total amount of dried chili should not exceed the maximum capacity of the chopping cup, otherwise it will affect the effect and the service life of the machine.

  • This machine cannot be used to dry grind soybeans, donkey-hide gelatin, rice, unthawed frozen meat and other hard foods.


Addition amount

Recommended chopping time


Apples, pears, bananas, carrots, cooked potatoes, cooked pumpkins

1/3 cup, add warm boiled water or pure water or milk (the amount of water added should exceed  

the bottom layer of blades).


Apples, pears, and bananas should be peeled, cored, and cut into small pieces of 2-3 cm. They can also be steamed and stirred. Peel carrots, potatoes, and remove the seeds of pumpkin, cut them into 2-3 cm small pieces, or you can stir them after steaming.


1/3 cup (30-100 grams)


Remove tendon, bone and skin and cut the meat into 2-4cm pieces

Celery, cabbage

1/2 cup to 2/3 cup

1s-3s jog operation

Cut into 1-2 cm small pieces

Cooked rice

1/3 cup to 1/2 cup


Add pure water or milk about half of the the rice, and the amount of water added should at least exceed the bottom layer of blades.

Ⅳ. Cleaning and Maintaining

  1. Before cleaning the product, be sure to remove the main unit and disconnect the power supply.
  2. Please clean the chopping cup, blade and cup cover immediately after use.
  3. Do not wash the motor, host, power switch and other components with water, let alone immerse them in water or other liquids. When cleaning is required, wipe with a soft damp cloth.
  4. Add an appropriate amount of food detergent in clean water, and use a cleansing pad to clean. Warm water is better.
  5. Since the blade is very sharp, it is recommended to use a brush to clean the blade. Do not touch the blade directly with your hands.
  6. After cleaning, please dry all parts of this product, then reassemble and store them. It is recommended to store in a dry, ventilated and dark place.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to sterilize the components of this product at high temperature or expose it to sunlight.

Ⅴ. Safety Precautions

  1. The input voltage of this product is 220V~50Hz, please use it after confirmation.
  2. Before disassembling, installing or adjusting any parts of the product, please be sure to disconnect the power supply.
  3. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by maintenance department or qualified personnel i to avoid accidents.
  4. If maintenance is required during the use of the product, please contact the after-sales service department of the company or go directly to the authorized maintenance site. Do not disassemble it by yourself to avoid danger.
  5. Before adding foods, make sure that the blade is inserted into the positioning axis and can run freely, then put in an appropriate amount of food for stirring according to the user manual. It is forbidden to run the machine idly (no food in the cup) or overload it.
  6. Do not heat the chopping cup and other parts of this product in a microwave oven or freeze it in the refrigerator, so as to avoid deformation and damage of the parts due to overheating or low temperature (you can  sterilize them with boiling water, do not directly put into boiling water for a short or long time, otherwise it will cause the cup body to break, blade and cup cover to deform.) The parts and materials of this product in contact with food all meet the requirements of the national food grade certification, clean, hygienic and reliable.
  7. This product cannot be used to process hard food materials, such as coffee beans, soybeans, donkey-hide gelatin, rice or unthawed frozen meat, so as not to cause excessive aging of the blade and affect the mixing effect.
  8. During the working process of the product, it is strictly forbidden to touch the movable parts such as blades and motors, so as not to cause product damage or personal injury.
  9. Please operate strictly according to the rated working hours: The continuous working time of the product is recommended not to exceed 30 seconds. If the desired effect cannot be achieved, the power supply should be disconnected and cooled for 30 seconds before processing. After completing any of the above functions, stop for 30 seconds as a cycle, and work continuously for 5 cycles. You must stop for 15-20 minutes, and then work after the motor cools down. This method is beneficial to prolong the life of the product.
  10. After processing, please wait until the motor and the blade stop rotating, then disconnect the power supply, unplug the plug, and remove the host. When taking out the blade, emptying the chopping cup and cleaning and storing the blade, be careful not to be hurt by the sharp blade.
  11. If the product stops working during operation, it may be caused by the temperature control protection of the motor. Please turn off the switch, disconnect the power supply, and cool down for 20-30 minutes before using it.
  12. Do not put the host into water or other liquids for washing and immersion. Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaners or corrosive liquids (such as gasoline or acetone) to clean the surface, and do not put any parts of this product in the dishwasher.
  13. The product should be stored out of the reach of children. Do not let people (including children) with physical disabilities, sensory or mental disabilities, or lack of relevant experience and knowledge (including children) use or play with this product
  14. After processing, when taking out the blade, you must strictly check whether the blade is intact. If you find that the blade is notched, damaged, broken, etc., please do not eat the processed food and discard it, because the blade fragments may be mixed into the processed food, so as not to cause personal danger.