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Hair Curler JFBA007 User Manual English Version

Video - Hair Curler

Ⅰ. Model Specification

Model No.

MFG Code

Rated Voltage

Rated Power

Rated Frequency






Ⅱ. Product structure diagram

  1. Heat insulation Head End
  2. Heating rod
  3. Hair clip
  4. Hair clip button
  5. Handle
  6. Gear light 
  7. Switch key
  8. 360-degree anti-winding power cord

Ⅲ. Instructions for use

  1. Plug the power into the socket.
  2. Long press the open key for 2 seconds to start, the default is 1 gear, 1 gear indicator light on.
  3. Short press the open key to switch gears, second gear - third gear - fourth gear - first gear, and cycle in turn.
  4. Gear 1, gear 1 indicator light on.
  5. Gear 2, gear 2 indicator housing.
  6. Gear 3, gear 3 light on.
  7. Gear 4, gear 4 light on.
  8. Long press the on key for 2 seconds to shut down.
  9. Automatic shutdown after 60 minutes of work. Be sure to allow it to cool thoroughly before storing it.

  • Reduce static and loose hair
  • The ceramic coating of the hair curler covers your hair so that your hair can get all-around care. Reduces loose hair and static electricity. Keep your hair soft and shiny all the time.

Ⅳ. Cleaning and storage

  • Always keep the product off and the power on. Keep it in a safe place and let it cool. Do not rinse the product with water. Do not wrap the power cord around the product. Store the product in a safe and dry place.

Ⅴ. Notes

  • Please read this manual carefully before using the product. And keep it safe for future reference.
  1. Before connecting the product to the power supply, check whether the marked voltage is consistent with the local power supply voltage.
  2. Periodically check the power cables. Do not use this product if the plug, power cord, or product itself is damaged.
  3. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department, or similar full-time personnel to avoid danger.
  4. Do not wrap the power cable around the product.
  5. Please keep this product out of contact with water! Do not use this product over or near a bath, tub, or wash basin that contains water. When using the product in the bathroom, unplug it after use, as it is still dangerous to approach water even after the product switch is turned off.
  6. For other protection measures, it is recommended to install a leakage protector (RCD) with a rated residual working current not exceeding 30mA in the power supply circuit. For suggestions, consult the installation personnel.
  7. The heating panel will keep a high temperature when using the product. Do not touch the skin or expose the product to other objects at this time. Do not allow children to touch the product.
  8. Do not allow the AC power cable to touch the hot part of the product.
  9. It is recommended to use this product when hair is 80-90% dry.
  10. Never leave electrical appliances that have been connected or turned on unattended.
  11. Allow the product to cool completely before storing.
  12. Please keep the heating panel and rod body clean. Do not use the product after using styling spray and hair spray, so as to avoid residue damage to the product and affect the next use.
  13. The surface of the board is coated with ceramic coating, which will wear away with the passage of time. Even if the coating wears away, it will not affect the normal function of the product.
  14. If the product is opened, keep it away from flammable objects and materials.
  15. Do not cover the surface of the product (such as towels or clothes) when it gets hot.
  16. Warning: Keep utensils dry.
  17. Panels may be colored when the product is applied to dyed hair.
  18. Do not touch hot parts of electrical appliances to the body, especially the eyes, ears, face, and neck.
  19. If there is anything improper in use, please unplug it immediately.
  20. This electrical product can not be used as children's toys.
  21. Young children and people with disabilities need adult guidance.
  22. This product can only be used as a household appliance, not for industrial use.
  23. This product can not be used in corrosive or explosive gas and other special environment.
  24. This product cannot be used as a medical appliance.
  25. In the process of using the curling iron, please do not directly apply the hot part to the human body, so as to avoid scald.
  26. Safety warning: Please do not allow this product to come into contact with water, and do not use this product near the water bath, shower, wash basin, or other utensils!


  • Q1: Can I use it when the hair is wet?
  • A1: It is not allowed, can use it when the hair is almost dry.

  • Q2: If I have my hair permed, can I use it to straighten the hair?
  • A2: It could be used, but cannot straighten the curled hair totally, to make the effect better and more lasting, we advise to go to the barber to do the professional straightening.

  • Q3: How do the set temperatures apply?
  • A3: 150° for soft hair; 170°  for normal hair; 190°- for dry and frizzy hair; 210° for professional styling.

  • Q4: Does it come with hair care design?
  • A4: Yes, cermaic glaze for anti-static hair care, high-temperature ceramic glaze coating for soft and shiny hair.

  • Q5: Will it be too hot to grasp or will it burn the head part?
  • A5: It comes with insulated design, will not hurt your hand or head.

  • Q6: Is it 2 in 1 use?
  • A6: No, only for curling.

  • Q7: How long can the effect lasts?
  • A7: It depends on the hardness of the hair, for natural soft hair, it could last longer. Normally curly hair could last 48h.

  • Q8: If I have my hair dyed, can I use it?
  • A8: Yes, can use.