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Hair Straightener ZFBA003 User Manual English Vesion

Video - Hair Straightener

Ⅰ. Product Parameters

Product Name

Model NO.

Rated Voltage

Rated Frequency

Rated Power

Hair Straightener





Ⅱ. Product Display

A.Heating plate

B.Lower cover plate

C.Ultra-high precision thermal settings

D.ON/OFF button

E.LED temperature display

F.Safety lock

G.360°Rotating power cord

Ⅲ. Instructions

  • Operation instructions:

This product is intended for household use, for AC power only, please operate on 110-240 VAC.

  • Temperature setting


Hair Textures

Low 110-130℃

Soft, thin, easy-to-style Hair

Middle 150-170 ℃

Moderate to thick or treated hair

Middle to High 190-200 ℃

Thick or wavy hair

High 210-220 ℃

Difficult-to-style hair

Super high 230 ℃

Rough or hard-to-style hair

  • Straighten hair
  1. Keep hair clean and completely dry before using hair straightener. Plug the straightener into the power source.
  2. To switch on the unit, press the ON/OFF button.
  3. Set the desired temperature.
  4. For better hair style, it is recommended to use a small amount of styling product before drying hair.
  5. Divide hair into manageable sections, pinning the top layers at the top of the head so the lower layers can be tackled first.
  6. Turn on the straightener, and clamp the hair with the upper and lower splints near the scalp.
  7. Hold the handle firmly and hold the hair tightly between the two splints.
  8. While clamping the hair, slowly pull the straightener down the strands towards the hair ends.
  9. Gently twist the straightener down or up to create a curled arc at the ends
  • WARNING: The titanium tourmaline ceramic-coated plates of the straightener will become very hot within seconds, so skin contact should be avoided when the straightener is turned on.
  1. Loose the handle and let the hair fall out naturally.
  2. Repeat the process on the strands of hair that need to be styled to achieve the desired hairstyle.
  3. Due to the different textures of hair, you may need to repeat this process on some strands.
  4. As you learn to use a straightening iron, you can practice until you get the hang of straightening and styling.
  5. To switch off, press the ON/OFF button again.
  • Do not leave the straightening iron on and unattended, if you forget to turn off the device, the straightener will automatically turn off within 60 minutes.
  • Instant Heating Technology

This straightener features a unique high-temperature setting and instant heat technology to create versatile styles for all hair types. For fine and soft hair, choose the Low setting for ideal results; those with thick, wavy hair that is hard to straighten can choose the High/Ultra High setting. You can also choose the desired temperature according to your special needs.

  • New Suspended Ceramic Coating Design

This hair straightener adopts a special plate design to make straightener easily contact the hair with no distance and gaps, bringing better straightening effect. The surface of the heating plate adopts the most cutting edge material in the hairdressing industry - titanium ceramics, where you hair is easy to slide and evenly heated, making the hair more healthy, silky, smooth and shiny. Moreover, risks of hair stuck can be decreased when you are styling, helping you enjoy the salon-like experience. In addition, this design also brings convenience for cleaning residues of styling products on the splint.

Ⅳ. Cleaning and Maintaining

  1. Unplug the product before cleaning.
  2. Cool the product before touching or cleaning.
  3. It is recommended to clean the heating plate and hair straightener casing with a damp cloth.
  4. Do not use any harsh cleaners, abrasives, solvents or detergents.
  5. Do not immerse the product in water for cleaning.
  6. Please make sure the product is completely dry before use.
  7. Do not replace the power cord of the product by yourself - if necessary, please seek authorized or professional technicians to operate.

Ⅴ. Safety Precautions

Observe the following safety precautions to reduce the risk of electric shock, personal injury, or fire. Please read all these instructions carefully before using the product and save them for future reference or new users.

  1. If the cable or plug is damaged, please do not continue to operate this product, and ask professional maintenance personnel for necessary repairs.
  2. If the device stops working unexpectedly or meets malfunctions, please turn off the power, unplug the power plug and stop using it immediately. Ask professional maintenance personnel to troubleshoot or perform maintenance.
  3. Please keep the device and cables away from heat sources, sharp objects or anything that may cause damage.
  4. Before connecting the mains power, please make sure the device is turned off.
  5. Note: The surface temperature of the hair straightener is high during use, please do not touch it. Avoid contact with bare skin, especially around the ears, face and neck, when in use.
  6. Do not touch the heating part of the straightener when the it is turned on or just off. Please cool for at least 30 minutes before storing the product.
  7. Please keep the product and power cord out of the reach of children.
  8. Children are forbidden to play with the product.
  9. When using this product near children, please supervise closely.
  10. This product is not recommended to be used by people( including children) who have physical, sensory or mental impairments, or lack relevant experience and common sense, unless they are under the supervision and guidance of guardians.
  11. To avoid electric shock, do not allow water, liquid to get into the product.
  12. If the appliance falls into the water, please do not reach out and touch it directly, and shut down and unplug the power plug; Do not use it until the product has been inspected and approved by a professional.
  13. Do not place the product on a non-heat-resistant surface, and do not cover the device with anything (such as clothes or towels) while the product is heating.
  14. Make sure your hands are dry before operating or adjusting the product or touching plugs and power connections.
  15. WARNING: Do not use this product near bathtubs, showers, wash basins, or other containers of water.
  16. Make sure that someone one is around while the product is plugged in.
  17. Before disconnecting the power, make sure all controls are in the OFF position.
  18. Do not wrap the power cord around the product, and do not hang up the power cord.
  19. Regularly check the power cord for wear and damage, especially the connection among the power cord、the product and the plug.
  20. Under supervision or guidance, children aged 8 years and above and people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge may use this product after understanding how to use it and the dangers involved
  21. Cleaning and maintenance should not be done by children without supervision.