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Humidifier JASH003 USER MANUAL


Product name

Rated current

Rated voltage

Battery capacity

Water tank capacity








  1. Button
  2. Water level gauge
  3. Body
  4. Type-C charging port
  5. Cotton filter slot
  6. LED indicator
  7. Needle
  8. Mist Vent
  9. Type-C charging cable



  1. Cotton filter
  • Turn off the power supply first. Hold the head with one hand and rotate the body to the direction of the unlocking symbol till you hear a click sound. Remove the body and take out the cotton filter slot to put in or replace a cotton filter. Don’t take off the spring at the bottom of the slot to avoid potential failure.

  • Soak both ends of the cotton filter into water for 5-10 minutes, then put it in the slot. Grab the product by its head and rotate it to the direction of the locking button till the top cover falls into the water tank slot, then tighten it.

  • The cotton filter, a consumable, is used to filter impurities and is recommended to be changed every one or two months, according to the quality of the water and using frequency.



  1. Mineral water and pure water are recommended. Impure or in-distilled water might accumulate on top and block the mist vent, even damage the product.

  1. Press the power button to turn on the product. Blue light turns on.
  2. Press again to start humidifying.
  3. During use, press the power button to shut down. All indicator goes out.
  4. Charging states


Red light stays on


Indicator goes out

Battery lower than 5%

Red light blinks



  1. Please place the product horizontally and stably.
  2. Please keep the product away from heat sources. Such as stoves, fireplaces, etc.; Please avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Please do not point the humidifier mist ventat furniture, walls or electrical appliances, etc., to avoid too much dampness.
  4. Please do not fill the outlet with water or otherwise damage the outlet.
  5. After filling with water, please do not move the product around to avoid damage.
  6. Do not fill with water above the maximum water level. When not using the product, please drain the water tank to avoid bacterial growth.
  7. Please clean the water tank regularly for
  8. Please do not turn the product upside down to avoid damage to the machine.