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Humidifier JASH004 USER MANUAL


Product name

Working voltage

Working current

Rated power

Water tank capacity









  1. Power button/gear button
  2. Indicator
  3. Type-C charging port
  4. Upper lid
  5. Cotton filter slot
  6. Maximum water level
  7. Water tank
  8. Mist vent



  1. Switch off the power and unplug the device before replacing the cotton filter.
  2. Take out the cotton filter: lift the upper lid and take out the cotton filter slot, then unplug the cotton filter. Operate carefully to prevent the spring at the bottom of the slot from falling out, otherwise the device may be damaged.
  3. Install the cotton filter: Soak each end of the cotton filter into water for 2-3 minutes and insert  it in the lid. Close the lid.
  4. The cotton filter aims at filtering impurities so it needs regular replacement. It is recommended to replace the filter every 1-2 months according to use time and water quality. Do replace the cotton filter when the mist is significantly reduced or there is no spray.



  1. Filling the water tank
  • Please use clean tap water or mineral waterinstead of pure water or distilled water, etc.
  • Before adding water, you must turn off the power andremove the top  Add water to the water tank, and stop adding before reaching the maximum water level line. When closing the top lid, please do not spill the water to avoid flowing over the charging port.
  1. Power/Mode Switching

Misting mode:

  • Short pressonce for dual-port continuous spraying for 5 hours (gear 1);
  • Short press twice fordual-port intermittent spraying for 10 hours (gear 2). The intermittent cycle is 3-second spraying with 3-second interval;
  • Short press three timesfor single-port continuous spraying for 10 hours (gear 3);
  • Short press fourtimes to turn off.

Night light mode:

  • The device turns into night lightmode by default when turning on;
  • Long press to turn on/off the night light in any state.
  • The night light automatically shuts off after flashing five times in low battery state. The indicator light is white when charging and goes out when charged.



  1. Please do not inject wateror insert foreign objects into the mist vent which may lead to malfunction.
  2. When the humidifier is filled with water, please do not move itto avoid overflow and damage to the product.
  3. When adding water, please be careful not to exceed the maximum water level.
  4. When not in use, please pour out the water in the water tank, to avoid bacteriabreeding. Please put the humidifier in a dry place if you wont use it for a long time.
  5. Do not invert the humidifier orthe residual water in the cotton filter may seep into the humidifier and damaging the host.
  6. Do not place the humidifier in a high-temperature environmen Neverdisassemble, strike, crush it or throw it into fire.
  7. When cleaning the product, please do not rinse directly to avoid short circuit. It is recommended to use a softcloth to wipe. Please do not use gasoline, alcohol and other organic solvents for cleaning.
  8. Please do not add essential oils, which will affect the service life of the atomizer.
  9. This product can not be given to children under 14 years old to use alone.