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  1. Before use, please make surethe silicone rings are in place and installed correctly (if the silicone rings are damaged or not installed correctly, even if the lid is screwed on tightly, the product is still prone to leakage which may cause scalding or staining).
  2. It is recommended to wash the product before use.Add a small amount of hot water or cold water for preheating or pre-cooling, then pour out the water in the kettle and re-fill it with hot water or cold water for better heat preservation and cold preservation.
  3. When you put on the lid of the cup, please tighten the lid (inner plug) in clockwise direction to prevent leakage.
  4. If you shake the product, the copper foilembedded in the inner liner for better heat preservation will make a small "rustle" sound. It is a normal phenomenon.
  5. The water inthe pot should be 1cm below the mouth of the pot, as too much water will cause the lid to be difficult to tighten, or even spillage.
  6. When you put the productinto a bag, you should pay attention to the position



  1. After each use, please wash this product in time.if you won’t use it for a long time, please make sure that both inside and outside of the kettle is dry, and then place it in a cool and dry environment for storage.
  2. After cleaning the inner plug, silicone ringsand exterior of the kettle, make sure to wipethem dry. Do not leave water in the kettle, other wise the residual moisture may cause what’s in the kettle to spill out.
  3. Do not scrape or knock exterior of the kettlewith your fingernails or hard objects to avoid scratches.
  4. Do not use hard cloths, metal brushes or hard plastic brushes for cleaning. It is recommendedto use a soft damp cloth, cup brush or sponge scrub. Please wipeit dry afterwards.



  1. Do not use it for purposes other than keeping warm or cold.
  2. When filling with water, please do not approach the brim of the kettle, or put it below your face to avoid burns from the heat.
  3. When the kettle is filled withhot water, please drink it carefully to prevent burns.
  4. Keep the product out of reach of infants and young children to avoid the risk of accidental injury.
  5. Please do not place the product next to heat sources, in order to avoid the product deformation, discoloration, paint peeling off and so on.
  6. If the product you purchased is only suitable for keeping cold, please do not add hot water to keep warmto prevent scalding.
  7. Please do not put the plug in boiling water for a long time, to avoiddeformation or leakage.
  8. Please make sure the silicone rings areinstalled correctly after cleaning. Wrong installation or non-installation will lead to water leakage.
  9. Please do not use abrasive powder, metal cleaning ball, stain remover or detergent containing chlorine to clean the product, so as not to scratch the surface of the productor cause
  10. Please don’tdrop the product or pound it, so as to avoid dents or compromised performance of heat preservation and cold preservation.
  11. If you put in food and soup containing salt, please take it out within 12 hours and clean the itin time.
  12. It is prohibited to put in the following kinds of substances:
  • carbonated beverages or dry ice (to avoid the danger of the internal pressure rising and causing the inner plugto fail to open or the contents to spurt out);
  • dairy products or baby food for a long time (danger of bacterial reproduction);
  • acidic beverages such as sour plum juice or lemon juice (prone to erosion of the silicone ring).
  1. Never try heating the product in microwave ovens, ovens and other heating equipment.
  2. Do not put the product into adishwasher, dryer, so as not to cause the product burst, leakage and other damage.
  3. In harsh or extremely low temperatureenvironment, it is best to keep the kettle in a vertical position to reduce the shaking, for better heat preservation. It also prevents hot drinks from spraying out due to thermal expansion pressure, which may result in scalding.