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Battery capacity

Working voltage

Max. current

Max. power

Massager gun


DC 7.4V





①Quick release massage head


③Gear (power) indicator

④Switch/gear key

⑤Charging port

①Sphere head

②U-shaped head

③Cylindrical head

④Flat head

⑤Type-C charging cable



  1. Massage head installation
  • Please turn off the machine before installation.
  • Select the suitable massage head.
  • Insert the end of the massage head slowly against the mouth of the massage gun.

  1. Battery disposal

Before disposing of the product, the battery must be removed and handled safely. When removing the battery, the product must be disconnected from the power source. The battery is removed by detaching it from the bottom as shown:



1.Power on/off

  • Long press the on/off key for about 1.5 seconds to enter the power-on mode, and the power indicator light and gear indicator light will be on. Entering gear 1, the green light around the key and the corresponding gear light will be on. Gearscan be switched by short pressing the on/off key for about 1 second in the power-on state.
  • Under the power-on state, long press the on/off key for about 1.5 seconds, the indicator goes out, and the product shuts down.
  • Every short press on the key increases one gear, the gears are switched from 1, 2, 3, 4 in sequence.
  1. Charging instructions
  • When the power is insufficient, the red indicator around the key blinks.
  • Whenthe product is charging, the red indicator light around the key is on.
  • After charging is completed, the indicator around the key stays
  1. Timing Function
  • Device runs for about 15 minutes, then it will shut down automatically.
  • The 15 minutes periodincludes the time of blocking and stopping standby status.
  • If the product is blocked for10 seconds or use up to 15 minutes, the product will shut down, no matter which one comes first.
  1. Where to use



  1. This device is suitable for 5V/2A charger.
  2. Please fill up the battery before using it for the first time.
  3. Before charging, please make sure the input voltage is the same as the adapted voltage of the device.
  4. Please do not replace the massage head when the device is running.
  5. Please do not immerse the product in water.
  6. Do not apply the productto the head, genitals, chest, post-surgery or surgery recovery areas.
  7. Please do not attempt to use the device as a substitute or supplement to medical treatment. If you have pain, or are under medical treatment, or use another medical device, always consult your physician before using the device.
  8. If there is a malfunction, consult a technician and do not disassemble the device.
  9. If you have any of the following or any health-related problems, consult your physician before using the device.
  • Pregnancy, diabetes and complications such as nerve or retinal damage.
  • Use of a pacemaker, recent surgery, epilepsy or migraine headaches, herniated lumbar discs, anterior displacement of bone vertebrae.
  • Recent joint surgery or placement of intrauterine devices, metal parts implantation or other concerns about your body.