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  1. Handle
  2. Lid
  3. Steaming tray
  4. Steaming compartment
  5. Juice tray
  6. Water tank
  7. Outer water tank
  8. Control panel
  9. Base



  1. Plug in the power outlet,and all the lights will be on. After the buzzer beeped, the lights turn off, the digital tube shows "----".
  2. Click the "menu" button to select menu function You can adjust the timethen click "start / long press to cancel" to start cooking.
  3. Function selection

Example: steamed bun

Click "function/long press for reservation" key and the display shows 01, alternately flashing 30, which indicates cooking time of 30 minutes. Click "start/long press cancel" key to start cooking, entering the 30-minute countdown.

  1. Reservation Mode

After selecting functions, press "reservation" key to enter the reservation mode and adjust the time by "+" or "-" key. In order to quickly set the time, fast mode will turn on when the reservation time lasts more than 1 hour. In fast mode, every time you click "+" or "-" key, the time will increase or decrease by 30 minutes. After having set the time, click "start/long-press to cancel" to enter the countdown. The reservation time includes the cooking time.

  1. Cooking time reference

Steaming buns






Sweet potato


Pork ribs














  1. After each use, be sure to unplug the power cord. Begin cleaning only after the electric steamer has cooled down
  2. The juice tray, steamingcompartment, steaming tray and the lid can be cleaned with a soft cloth which has absorbed neutral detergent.
  3. The water tank can be wiped with a wrung out damp cloth to remove debris.
  4. Do not put the whole steamer into the water to cleanor rinse the water tank with water, to avoid the risk of electric shock and malfunction.
  5. When not in use, please clean the electric steamer and store it after drying.
  6. It is recommended to remove the scale regularly to maintain performance, the steps are as follows:
  • Add water to the minimumwater level.
  • Pour white vinegar into the water tank(about 30 ml)
  • Assemble the steamer properly(juice tray, steaming compartment, lid) to avoid water splashing out.
  • Plug in the power supply, and press the "Menu" button to select function Wait for the product to start heating, turn off the steamer after about 10 minutes of heating.
  • Unplug the product and pour out the vinegar liquid after it cools down completely.
  • Wipe the inner surface of the water tank with a damp cloth to remove the odor.



  1. The working altitude range for the product is 0-2000 meters.
  2. Except for the maintenance technician, no one else is allowed to disassembleor repair the product, so as not to cause fire, electric shock or injury.
  3. During use, please do not put your hands or face near the steam port to avoid burns.
  4. During use, please do not cover the steam port with cloth, etc., so as not to cause accidents or damage the electric steamer.
  5. During use, do notmove or shake the electric steamer.
  6. Do not use it withvoltages other than 220V AC to avoid fire or electric shock. Do not use if the power cord is broken.
  7. Do not operate in the following ways to avoid fire or electric shock caused by broken power cord: forcible bending of power cord, close to high temperature, bundling, carrying heavy objects, etc.
  8. The electric steamer must be unplugged before cleaning, and must not be operated in a way that may cause water to enter the product, so as not to cause danger.
  9. Enough space should be left around the product, at leasta distance of 30 centimeters. And do not cover the products surfaces with any items.
  10. Do notplug or unplug with wet hands to avoid electric shock and injury.
  11. Do not allow children to use the product alone. Make sure to place itwhere infants and young children can not touch, in order to avoid electric shock, burns and other dangerous accidents.
  12. Don't put the electric steamer in the place which is not stable, wet or close to other fire source or heat source, otherwise it will be damaged orlead to an accident.
  13. Do not insert large pins, wires or other objects into the vent hole at the bottom of the electric steamer to avoid electric shock injury. The appliance should not be immersed in water.
  14. Use the socket with grounding wire with rated current 10A or above.If the socket is shared with other electrical appliances, it will malfunction and cause fire and other dangers.
  15. If there is any dust or water on the plug of the power cord, the end of the plug and the socket, please clean it up in time to avoid causing fire, electric shock or short circuit.
  16. If you need to carry out product maintenance or replacement, please go to the designated professional maintenance outlets. To avoid improper maintenance or improper selection of accessories whichbring hidden dangers.
  17. If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its maintenance department or a similar department of professional personnel.
  18. During the operation of the appliance, some surfaces may become hot. It is strictly forbidden to touch the hot surfaceswith your hands to avoid burns.
  19. If the part you touch is very hot during use, you should take heat insulation measures or wear heat-insulating gloves, and avoid direct contact with the steam to avoid burns.
  20. Electric steamer shall not be dry broiled. Please make sure there is enoughamount of water in the water tank before turning on the power.
  21. Water added to the water tankshould not exceed the "maximum" water level line, so as not to splash out during use which may lead to scalding or affecting the performance.
  22. This product is for indoor use only.