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Ⅰ. Specification parameters

Product name

Portable Blender

Input Voltage


Model No.


Battery capacity


Rated power


Charging voltage


Rated capacity


Charging current


Ⅱ. Product Components

  1. Sealing ring 
  2. Cover the cup holder 
  3. Cup holder cover 
  4. Battery 
  5. Circuit board 
  6. Motor 
  7. Cup holder 
  8. Blade 
  9. Cup body 
  10. Straw 
  11. Cup Handle 

Ⅲ. Product instructions

  • Charging instructions 
  1. Connect one end of the external power supply to the charging interface of the base through the USB cable. At this time, the button indicator light shows a steady red light, and the product is in the charging state at this time; 
  2. When the button indicator light turns blue, it means the battery is fully charged. At this time, remove the power supply terminal and USB cable to complete charging. 
  3. Reminder: 
  1. The charging time of the battery is 2-4 hours, and the charging time will be slightly different due to the influence of the season. 
  2. Charge the battery at least once every three months, otherwise, the original power of the battery will be exhausted and the service life of the battery will be affected. 
  3. It is necessary to frequently charge and discharge the lithium battery. 
  • Instructions for use 
  • Unscrew the stirring cup holder counterclockwise and clean it. Wipe the stirring cup knife and the knife seat of the machine base clean. And check that the sealing ring is correctly installed in place, install the blender jar and tighten it slightly. 
  • Wash the fruit, peel it, remove the seeds, and then cut it into small pieces of about 10*10*10 (about the size of a little finger).
  • Put the cut fruit into the blender cup, add the appropriate amount of purified water, and then tighten the cup holder clockwise. 
  • Reminder: 
  1. The total amount of fruit/water added should not exceed the maximum water level of the blender cup, and the water temperature should not exceed 40°. 
  2. Hard fruits and vegetables (such as carrots) should not exceed 50g. 
  • Then tilt the whole machine down 45° diagonally and double-click to start the button switch, the working indicator light will be blue, and the working time of the product will be a cycle of 40 seconds.
  • Place the whole machine horizontally on your hand, then tilt the main machine at 40° and shake it back and forth until the production is completed. Shake it back and forth during the whole process, and the mixing effect is better. 
  • After the juice is squeezed, you can unscrew the cup holder and drink directly, or you can pour the drink into a water cup for drinking, or you can use your habit to insert it directly from the cup holder into the mixing cup for drinking. 
  • Reminder: 
  1. Gently shake the product during the working process of the product, and the stirring effect will be better. 
  2. There is a safety protection device inside the main machine, if the mixing cup is not tightened, the machine cannot be started. 
  3. If there is a jamming phenomenon with large pieces of food during the juicing process, the machine will stop working, and it can resume normal work after cleaning again. 

Ⅳ. Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Machine cleaning: 
  1. Add half a cup of water to the cup, and add a little detergent if necessary. Then stir for about 30 seconds according to the method of making juice. 
  • Lid and jar cleaning: 
  1. urn the Ningxia cup lid and mixing cup counterclockwise, open the lid and rinse under the tap water, or put it in warm water with detergent. When cleaning, pay attention to whether the sealing ring of the cup lid and the sealing ring of the drinking port are in the corresponding position of the lid after cleaning. 
  • Host cleaning: 
  1. It is strictly forbidden to immerse the host part directly in water for cleaning or washing with water! When wiping the main unit, wipe it clean with a wrung damp cloth. 
  2. The cleaned machine and parts should be placed in a ventilated place to dry, and then assembled and stored. 
  • Note: 
  1. The blade is very sharp, it is recommended to use a cleaning brush to clean the blade, and be careful of scratches! 
  2. The product and its components are strictly forbidden to be sterilized in a high-temperature disinfection cabinet! Soaking in boiling water is strictly prohibited! Failure to do so may result in serious deformation or damage to the product! 

Ⅴ. Precautions

  1. This product is forbidden to work with no load or overload; the maximum juicing time of this product is 40 seconds each time, after which the product will automatically stop working; if you need to continue juicing, you need to restart the button switch. During use, if the base is found to be overheated, it should be shut down for about 30 minutes, and the standby base can be used after cooling down. 
  2. When the product is working, it is strictly forbidden to unscrew the cup lid or put hands or other hard objects into the portable cup to prevent accidents. 
  3. This product is a special freshly squeezed fruit cooking machine. It is forbidden to use it to grind meat, beans, and other products, otherwise, it will affect the service life of the product. 
  4. Do not put the parts of this product into dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, microwave ovens, and other cleaning equipment with a temperature higher than 60°C for cleaning or disinfection, so as to avoid heat deformation of parts. 
  5. The freshly squeezed juice of this product should be drunk or stored in time, and it is forbidden to store it in the mixing cup for more than 6 hours, otherwise, the juice is prone to deterioration and odor, which is harmful to the human body. 
  6. Do not use accessories and accessories other than this product. 
  7. Do not let children, mentally handicapped, and disabled people touch and use this product. 
  8. This product drives the DC motor to work through the battery, and the battery can be charged through the charging line and external power supply. 
  9. The portable cup and knife holder must be fully tightened to avoid a lot of water leakage when the product is working. The ingredients put into the portable cup should not exceed the maximum scale of the portable cup. 
  10. This product is equipped with an overheating protection device. After abnormal use or when the motor is seriously overloaded, the product will automatically stop for protection, and the button indicator light will flash. 
  11. If the knife assembly is stuck during the use of the product, please release the key switch immediately, take out the food that is stuck on the blade, and continue to use it after the motor cools down. 
  12. Since the blade of the product is sharp, please pay attention to safety during disassembly and cleaning. 
  13. After using the product, please pay attention to turning off the main power switch. 
  14. When the power of the main base (battery) is low, please charge it in time.