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Working voltage&frequency

Rated power

Fresh water tank capacity

Sewage tank capacity

Working temperature

Portable carpet cleaner

220-240V 50-60Hz







  1. Fresh Water Tank
  2. Sewage Tank Handle
  3. Main Housing Handle
  4. Power Button
  5. Sewage Tank Button
  6. Sewage Tank
  7. Main Housing
  8. Hose
  9. Power Cable
  10. Cable Holder
  11. Standard Brush
  12. Spray Button
  13. Hose Holder
  14. Hose Connector
  15. Hose Latch

①Main Housing

②Hose Pack

③User Manual

④Standard Brush

⑤Broad Brush

⑥Right Angle Brush

⑦Self Cleaning Brush

⑧Hose Holder

⑨Cable Holder



  1. Hose holder

  • Align the hose holderwith the slot in the main housing.
  • Press a little until you hear the “click” sound.
  1. Cable holder

  • Insert the holderdirectly into the bracket until you hear the “click” sound.
  1. Hose

Hold the hose at the end, and push slightly harder in the direction of the arrow. When you hear a clicking sound, drag it in the opposite direction. Installation is complete if the hose doesn’t come off.

Hold the hose near the end, press the latch with your thumb if you want to remove the hose. Pull in the direction of the arrow with a little force to pull it out.

The hose can be wrapped around the hose holder.

  1. Cable storage



  1. Take outthe water tank, and unscrew the water tank cover. Add an appropriate amount of water (water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃) into the tank.
  2. Take outthe power cord plug, and turn the hook downward by 90 degrees, then take the power cord and plug in.
  3. Press the power switch andthe machine starts to work; press again to stop.
  4. Hold the hose handleand press the spray button, and the nozzle will continue to spray water. Release the button to stop spraying water.
  5. Spray water on the fabric where the stains are, thenrepeatedly brush the stains. Then suck it into the sewage tank. Repeat this process several times to clean.



  1. Sewage tank
  • Cleaning: In order to maintain the performance of the product, please clean the sewage tank regularly. If there is too much sewage, the suction power of the product will be weakened. When the water level reaches the maximum water level line, clean it in time.
  • Disassembly:Turn off the machine, pull the sewage tank diagonally upward, and then press the button on the sewage tank lid to clean in. It is recommended to clean the product after each use.

  1. Fresh water tank
  • Add water: Please add water in timebefore the tank runs out. Turn off the machine, and take out the water tank, then unscrew the cover to add the right amount of water.
  • Disassembly: the water tank can be pulled upward diagonally.

  1. Brush
  • When the cleaning brush is entangled by hairs, etc., use a tool to clean the hairs or dirt.
  • When the cleaning brush is stuck, remove the transparent cover on top of the brush and clean the air duct inside the brush with a suitable tool.
  • The brush can also be rinsed directly with tap water.

  1. Self-cleaning brush
  • Connect the self-cleaning brush to the hose handle
  • turn on the machine.
  • Hold the hose handle vertically and press the spray button to clean the pipes inside.
  • The detachable hose can also be removed and rinsed directly with tap water.



  1. Only professional or authorized technicians can disassemble this product. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble this product by yourself.
  2. Do not put the power cord in water; the power cord can be wrapped around the hook.
  3. Do not place the product near cigarettes, lighters or other open flames.
  4. If the product needs to be cleaned, please turn off the machine and unplug it before cleaning.
  5. Do not place heavy orsharp objects on or around the machine.
  6. This product is an indoor household product, please do not use it outdoors.
  7. Do not place objects heavierthan 10k
  8. Before using this product, please remove all fragile items on the ground and items that may block the suction channel (such as wires, paper, curtains).
  9. Please do not place the product in the place where it is easy to fall (such as tables and chairs).
  10. The ambient temperature of this product is from 0℃ to 50℃, please do not use this product under too low or too high temperature.