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Rice Cooker DFBA007 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Product Parameters

Product Name

Model NO.

Rated Voltage

Rated Frequency

Rated Power






Ⅱ. Product Display

  1. Pot cover sealing ring
  2. Steam hole
  3. Aluminum cover plate
  4. Inner pot
  5. Housing
  6. Operating panel

Ⅲ. Operation Instructions

  • Button instruction

1. Start/Cancel button

After selecting the function, press this key to make the product enter the working state. If the button is not pressed after selecting the function, the product will automatically return to standby after 30 seconds; if you press this button when the product is in the heat preservation and working state, it will enter the standby status and the current task will be canceled.

2. Preset cooking button

In standby, set when to start cooking through the Preset button. One press means adding 30 minutes. The range is from 30min to 24h within which the minimum is 30 minutes, and the screen will display the set time.

Pressing the "Preset" button in the working state is invalid.

3. Menu button

When the product is in standby, press the menu button, the LED will display the corresponding function and flash 1 time per second.

Press the start button, the system starts to work (the corresponding LED lights will be always on when working).

After selecting the function, if the button is not pressed, the product will automatically return to standby after 60 seconds.

  • Different states:

1. Initial state: After powering on, the buzzer will sound once, the LED will be on, and the control system will enter into standby.

2. Standby state: In standby, you can operate each menu button to select the corresponding function, such as preset time, manual heat preservation and menu selection, etc. Once any menu is selected, the corresponding indicator light will be on.

3. Working state: In the working state, the control system performs corresponding functions according to the user's settings, and the corresponding indicator light will be on. If the preset function is selected, the corresponding indicator will light up as well as the selected menu; when the scheduled time ends, the corresponding indicator light will go out, and the control system will start cooking. After the food is cooked, the buzzer will sound 3 times to indicate that it has entered the automatic heat preservation state.

  • Operation Instructions

1. Measure rice with a measuring cup.

2. Press the lid button to open the lid

3. Put the washed rice into the inner pot and add water to the proper water level

4. Check that the anti-spill steam valve and removable cover are in place, then close the lid

5. Plug in the power supply, and press the "Start/Cancel " button to start working (long press to exit to the standby state) after selecting the function.

6. After use, you can unplug the power.

  • Steps to preset

1. Press the menu button to select the gear that can be reserved, such as rice, soup, congee and reheating rice.

2. Press the "Preset", and the time be displayed on the screed and flash (default time is 30min)

3. Press the "Preset" button to set the time (30min to 24h)

4. After setting, press the "Start/Cancel" button to confirm and enter the specific function.


default working hours

Preset time

Heat preservation time





Fast rice












Reheating rice




Ⅳ. Cleaning and maintaining

  • Precautions before cleaning:

1. Do not soak any working live parts, such as the main unit and power cord.

2. Do not directly shower any working live parts such as the main unit and power cord.

3. Do not expose the product and its accessories to the sun.

  • Cleaning steps:

1. Before cleaning the rice cooker, unplug the power plug first and clean it after it is completely cooled.

2. After the product cools down, open the lid, and wipe the sealing ring and aluminum cover with a damp cloth wrung out of water (Note: Do not pull the sealing ring forcefully, such pulling will affect the sealing and micro-pressure effect).

3. After using the rice cooker, take out the inner pot. Clean it with a soft sponge, and wipe the water with a dry soft cloth after cleaning. Note: Do not scrub the product with steel wool, otherwise the non-stick coating will be damaged.

4. The outer shell and the upper cover can be wiped gently with a damp cloth wrung out of water. Do not use gasoline or other solutions, and do not rinse or immerse the product in water or other liquids to avoid damage to the product.

Ⅴ. Safety Precautions

1. This product should be placed on a stable and firm table for use.

2. The input voltage of this product is 220V~50Hz, please use it after confirmation, and the grounding protection inside the power socket must be effective to prevent accidents.

3. It is strictly forbidden to immerse the power cord, plug and rice cooker in water or other liquids to prevent the risk of electric shock.

4. Never hang the power cord over the edge of a cabinet, table or hot surface.

5. Do not damage, excessively bend, stretch, or twist the power cord, and do not place heavy objects on the power cord or clamp the power cord.

6. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced with a specific cord or a component purchased from its manufacturer or maintenance department.

7. If maintenance is required during the use of the product, please contact the after-sales service department of the company or go directly to the authorized maintenance site.

8. Do not disassemble it by yourself to avoid danger.

9. During use, please do not open the upper cover or put your hands or face close to the steam outlet. At the same time, it is forbidden to move or shake the rice cooker so as not to affect the cooking effect or cause burns.

10. Do not use this pot for food that may cause the vent hole to be blocked, so as not to cause accidents or damage the rice cooker, such as leaf-shaped food (seaweed, cabbage) or strip-shaped food (kelp), fragmented food (such as corn dregs).

11. It is strictly forbidden to put a wet towel on the lid of the pot, otherwise it will cause deformation and discoloration of the body and lid of the pot.

12. During use or just after use, please do not directly touch the inner pot with your hands to avoid high temperature burns.

13. Do not wash the rice in the inner pot. It should be washed in other containers and then poured into the inner pot of this product to avoid damage

14. to the non-stick coating of the inner pot.

15. After the inner pot is put into the pot body, please gently rotate it to ensure that it is in good contact with the heating plate.

16. It is forbidden to heat the inner pot of this product on an open flame.

17. Do not use the inner pot when it is deformed. You should contact the maintenance and after-sales personnel of the company to purchase a new inner pot.

18. Before putting the inner pot into the pot, please check whether there are rice grains or vegetables sticking to the bottom of the inner pot or the surface of the heating plate. If there is, please clean it before putting it into the inner pot, otherwise it may cause the overheated body or undercooked rice.

19. Before moving or overhauling the rice cooker, unplug the power cord first, and wait for the product to cool down.

20. Do not keep food warm for more than 12 hours, so as not to spoil the food.

21. After use, unplug (do not pull) the power cord in time if heat preservation is not required.

22. Please clean the detachable cover and bubble breaker regularly to avoid the peculiar smell of the rice.

23. The product should be stored out of the reach of children. Do not let people (including children) with physical disabilities, sensory or mental disabilities, or lack of relevant experience and knowledge (including children) use or play with this product.

24. This product is only suitable for household use, do not use this rice cooker for other purposes not specified