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RICE COOKER DFBA008 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Product Parameters

Product Name

Model NO.

Rated Voltage

Rated Frequency

Rated Power






Ⅱ. Product Display


  1. Preset
  2. Start
  3. Cancel
  4. Function



Default working hours



Quick meal

- - - -



Steamed rice

- - - -



Claypot rice

1H 10min



Reheating rice





1H 30min



Heat preservation



Ⅲ. Instructions

  • Getting Started:
  1. Make sure the steam valve is installed correctly. If not, when you start cooking, the soup may overflow.
  2. Use the provided measuring cup to weigh the rice and wash it thoroughly.  One aligned measuring cup of rice is about 150g. Do not wash ingredients directly in the inner pot.
  3. The maximum cooking capacity is 4L, which is 7 cups of rice. Please choose the amount of rice according to your actual needs . The recommended ratio of rice to water is 1:1.2. You can also add water according to the scale. For example: when cooking 2 cups of rice, first put the washed rice into the pot and add water to scale2. Do not exceed the maximum cooking capacity(the ratio of rice to water can be adjusted according to personal preference). The maximum amount must not exceed the highest water level marked on the inner pot.
  4. Before putting the inner pot into the pot, please check whether there are rice grains or other vegetable residues stuck on the inner pot bottom and the heating plate. If so, be sure to remove it before putting it into the pot. After putting it in, make sure that the inner pot and the hot plate fits snugly.
  • Function:
  1. Press the "Function" key to select the modes of quick meal , steamed rice , claypot rice , heating up , porridge and keeping warm, then the corresponding indicator light will light up.
  2. Press the start key again and the rice cooker will automatically enter the cooking mode.
  • Preset:
  1. Select any of the function and press the preset key to adjust the time according to the required time.
  2. After completing the selection, press the start key again and the rice cooker will automatically enter the preset timing state.
  • Preset time
  1. Press the "Preset” key to adjust the preset time .
  2. The longest adjustable time is 24 hours
  3. In order to prevent food from being soaked in water for a long time and causing odor, it is not recommended to preset for more than 12 hours .
  4. When the preset time is less than the cooking time, the rice cooker will not enter the preset state but the set function and start working.
  • Start/ Cancel:
  1. When the product is cooking, press the "Cancel" key to cancel the current operation and enter standby mode.
  2. After selecting the function, press this button to start cooking, and the start indicator light will light up.
  • Tips:
  1. The cooking time described in the table above will vary slightly depending on the voltage, amount of rice,water, water temperature and rice quality. To prevent the rice from clumping and becoming unpalatable, please fluff the rice within 30 minutes after entering the keep warm state.
  2. When cooking rice, simmer the rice for 15 minutes after the cooker enters the heat preservation mode for better results.
  3. When cooking porridge, the maximum cooking capacity is 4L, which is 1 cups of rice. The recommended ratio of rice to water is 1:8.
  4. Heat preservation: After cooking is completed, the product will automatically switch to the heat preservation mode and the corresponding indicator light will light up.
  5. The maximum time of heat preservation is 24 hours. When the rice cooker is in standby mode, select the "Heat preservation" function to enter this mode.

Ⅳ. Cleaning and Maintaining

  1. Clean the inner pot and sealing lid with hot water, dish soap and a sponge. Do not use scouring powder and steel wool.
  2. If there is food stuck to the bottom of the inner pot, you can soak it for a while and then wipe the inner pot clean before cleaning.
  3. Do not wash the rice in the inner pot. It should be washed in other containers and then poured into the inner pot of this product to avoid damage
  4. Use a damp cloth to clean the middle ring, sealing lid and outside of the rice cooker.
  5. If there is water on the hot plate, wipe it dry with a rag. If there are any burnt rice grains, use steel wool or sandpaper to remove them.
  6. Please clean the sealing cover and steam valve regularly to avoid odor in the rice.
  7. When not in use for a long time, unplug the plug from the socket and store it in a ventilated and dry place.
  8. Before cleaning this product, please confirm that the power plug has been pulled out from the power socket, and wait until it has completely cooled down before cleaning to prevent burns.

Ⅴ. Safety Precautions

  1. Before use, please read the instructions carefully and keep it properly.
  2. This product is only suitable for household use, do not use it for other purposes.
  3. You must use a grounded socket with a rated current of 10A or more, and be sure to insert the plug tightly. Do not use a universal socket with other electrical appliances at the same time.
  4. When inserting the plug into the socket, it must be inserted to the end, otherwise the components may overheat and burn due to poor contact.
  5. Do not plug or unplug the plug with wet hands to avoid electric shock.  When this product is not in use, unplug the power plug;
  6. Do not place the product within the reach of children, or let children use it alone to avoid electric shock or burns.
  7. It is prohibited to insert metal shavings, iron wires, needles and other foreign objects inside the product or into gaps, otherwise it may cause electric shock or abnormal operation.
  8. When using this product, it must be placed on a stable tabletop. Do not use this product in places with high temperatures and high humidity. Please keep the product away from flammable materials.
  9. This product is not suitable for use by the following people: people with sensory or mental dysfunction,lacking of relevant experience or knowledge (including children), etc. Unless they are using this product under the supervision of a professional. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with this product.
  10. Make sure that the power cord does not come into contact with sharp edges, burrs, other protruding sharp objects, or objects with hot surfaces, which may cause leakage, electric shock, or fire.
  11. There may be an odor for a few minutes when you first use it, which is normal.
  12. Only use the inner pot that comes with this product. Do not use other manufacturers or other inner pots instead to avoid product failure or danger.
  13. Do not start the operation before the inner pot is placed in the pot or when the inner pot is empty.
  14. The inner pot cannot be placed on other stoves for heating, otherwise it will easily cause damage.
  15. Do not put any food or water in the inner pot before placing it in the pot base.
  16. Do not remove the inner pot while the product is working to avoid danger.
  17. The product will generate high temperatures and steam when used. Please keep your hands and face away from steam vents to prevent burns.
  18. Do not cover the steam vent with rags or other items during use to avoid deformation of the upper cover and product failure.
  19. Before placing the inner pot into the pot base, please confirm whether there are rice grains or other vegetable residues stuck to the bottom of the inner pot and the hot plate. If there are any, be sure to remove them before placing the inner pot. Otherwise, the hot plate and the inner pot may be in poor contact so as to burn out components.
  20. After inserting the inner pot, make sure that the inner pot and the hot plate are completely in contact with each other.
  21. Do not use the inner pot when it is damaged. Please contact the maintenance and after-sales personnel of the company to purchase a new inner pot.
  22. When cleaning this product, do not immerse it in water or wash it under the tap.
  23. If the power cord or plug is found to be damaged or broken, it must be replaced with a special soft cord or a special component purchased from its manufacturer or a designated maintenance department.
  24. If a fault occurs with this product, please turn off the power first and unplug the plug from the socket. Do not continue to use it and please contact our after-sales service personnel. Do not replace non-original parts or disassemble and repair by yourself.