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Stand Garment Steamer






①hanger ②steaming board ③steam brush ④brush holder ⑤steam hose ⑥support pole ⑦gear knob ⑧support pole release button ⑨host ⑩on/off pedal ⑪base



  1. Support poles

(A) Remove the unit from the box and unfold the power cord.

(B) Take out the two support poles. Open the latch first, then pull out pole 1 along the shaft and then fasten the latch. Pole 2 and pole 3 operate as above.

(C) Insert the two installed support poles into the corresponding pairs of sockets on the host.

Note: When disassembling, hold the support pole upward and push down the release buttons on both sides of the host at the same time, and the pole can be pulled out.

  1. Accessories

Align the wire at the bottom of the steam brush with the fabric brush.

Snap the bottom of the pants clip into the steam brush, and to dismantle it vice versa.

Remove the fabric brush and pants clip when needed.

  1. Steaming board

(A) Insert the hanger into the top of the steaming board as shown.

(B) Install the handle on the side of the support pole behind the steaming board.

(C) Insert the assembled steaming board down into the support pole.



  1. Before use

First, place the product on the ground, and then hang the clothes to be steamed on the hanger.

Take out the water tank and open the cover. Fill water tank with appropriate amount of water .

Put the water tank into the host. Bubbles will come out if put correctly.

Tip: If the water tank does not feed water normally after putting it in, please check whether to place the filtering mirror.

After turning on the power, select the gear by rotating the gear knob. Turn the knob to "OFF" to turn off the machine after use.

  1. Using the steaming board

(A) When you need to adjust the angle of the steaming board, you can rotate the pole behind the downward.

(BC)To adjust the height of the support pole, you can unlock the buckles and adjust to the appropriate height, then lock.

  1. Placing the steambrush

Holding the steaming brush by the middle of the handle and place the steaming brush into the holder from the bottom. Slowly lower the brush until it is firmly in place.



  1. Storage:

Before storage, please take off the water tank and turn on the switch until the steam is sprayed out.

Please place the machine in a ventilated, dry, cool environment and keep it away from flammable and explosive materials.

Please cover the dust cap on the product to prevent water and dust from the connection port.

Please empty the water tank and the hose before the machine is boxed, stored, or carried at an angle, to prevent the product from malfunctioning.

  1. Cleaning

(1) In order to avoid contaminating your clothes, it is recommended that you use pure or distilled water.

Due to the different mineral content of different water quality, there might be different degrees of sediment accumulation, which will lead to problems like less steam, or intermittent steam, or even no steam.

(2) It is recommended that you clean the machine regularly after using for a period of time, according to the following steps.

  • Cleaning the water tank

Cleaning frequency: 1 time per month or continuous consumption of about 20L of water. Cleaning cycle can be adjusted according to the actual conditions, e.g. water quality.

Cleaning steps:

Spin out the water filler cap Counterclockwise and empty the water tank. Clean the water filler cap and the tank. After that, re-install the cap, and pressed it back to the tank and tightened it clockwise.

  • Cleaning the host

It is recommended not to leave water in the water tank after use, because the remaining water might deteriorate and pollute your clothes if you use it again.

Cleaning tools: Phillips screwdriver, Flathead screwdriver, wire or other tube-shaped hard object, brush.

Cleaning steps:

Turn off the product and unplug it. Wait till the host has cooled down for 30 minutes, then remove the water tank and empty it. Turn the machine over and use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the the sewage cover, then open the sewage cover. Use a Flathead screwdriver to screw down the sewage nut counterclockwise. Remove the sewage nut and clean it with water. Get rid of the stubborn dirt with a brush or a wire. Clean or dredge the sewage outlet the same way, then rinse it with a little water, and repeat it 2-3 times. After tightening the sewage nut clockwise, cleaning is complete.



  • Please do not point the product's steam jet at people or animals to avoid being scalded.
  • When using various removable attachments of this machine, please do so without steam or when the product is cool down to avoid being scalded.
  • When using the steamingbrush, avoid violent motions to prevent the danger of scalding from overflowing.
  • The machine needs to be placed on stable groundwhen running, and do not twist the steam house when working; when the machine starts to emit steam, a small amount of condensate in the steam outlet hole is a normal phenomenon.
  • It is strictly prohibited to pull out the steambrush or touch the steam brush when the machine is running or when the machine is not completely cooled down.
  • Do not immerse the product in water or other liquids or rinse it under the faucet.
  • Read the instructions carefully when installing and using the machine.
  • Do not dismantle or repair the machine yourself.