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Input voltage

Charging current

Working power

Battery capacity








  1. Cooling area
  2. Air outlet
  3. Display screen
  4. Scroll button
  5. Air inlet
  6. Charging port
  7. Charging indicator
  8. Lanyard hole



  1. Click the scroll buttonto turn on the fan, and the screen displays “01” gear. If there is no operation for 5 seconds, the screen will display the battery power. Click the scroll button again to turn off the fan.
  2. When the fan is turned on,scroll in the direction of the “+” to increase the gear and speed (up to 100 gears); in the direction of the “-” to reduce the gear and speed (the lowest is 01 gear).
  3. Long press the scrollbutton to turn on the cooling mode, and the screen displays “snowflake” symbol; long press the scroll button again to turn off the cooling mode.
  4. When the batteryis lower than 10%, the screen will start flashing, and it will shut down automatically when the battery power is 0%.
  5. Cooling mode can only be turned on when the fan is on.
  6. Charging mode:
  • When charging, the “%” symbol blinks and the screen shows the actual power level.
  • When fully charged, the “%” symbol lights up and the screen shows 100%.
  • The fan can be turned on when charging, and cooling mode is automatically turned off.



  1. Before cleaning the product, please ensure that the power supply has been disconnected.
  2. The product mask can not be removed. You can clean the surface with a clean rag.
  3. Don’t usewater or other liquids to clean electrical parts (such as motors, power switches, etc.).
  4. Don’ttouch the power supply and electrical parts with wet hands or rags.



  1. Please do not put your fingers or other foreign objects into the fan to avoid injury or damage.
  2. Do not use the product inwet environment or near water sources, such as sinks, bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.
  3. The product is not allowed to be dropped or pressed; do not usesharp or pointed objects when using or storing the product.
  4. Don’tplug or unplug with wet hands, wet towels, etc. to avoid electric shock, short circuit or other accidents.
  5. This product is not waterproof.If you accidentally get the product wet, please dry it immediately; If the product is completely soaked, don\t use it again to avoid malfunction and danger.
  6. The product has a built-in batterywhich shall not be exposed to high temperature (higher than 60 ° C) environment and confined space, such as fireplaces, heater, extreme sunlight inside the car, etc.; so as to avoid battery explosion or other accidents.
  7. Please do not press, disassemble the battery or put the battery in a high temperature environment (60°C and above) for a long time, otherwise there may be a risk of leakage or explosion.
  8. Do not use the product while charging or unattended.
  9. If you use apower adapter to charge, its input rated voltage should be within 5V, and its rated current should be 5A. More importantly, it must have the national mandatory safety certification.
  10. This product is equipped withlithium-ion batteries with no memory function, so overcharging or over-discharging will affect the service life of the product. Please charge in a timely manner and disconnect the power supply after fully charged:
  11. When the product malfunctions, please contact the dealer or the company in time. Itis prohibited to disassemble and repair by yourself, so as not to cause unnecessary failure and danger.
  12. Children, the elderly or disabled and inexperienced people need to use this product under the supervision and guidance.
  13. Exposure to short distance strong wind may cause discomfort, especially for infants and the elderly.
  14. This product is not a medical product and is not intended for any medical use.
  15. Moderate and severe cardiovascular disease, serious heart disease patients should use the product cautiously.
  16. Gout patients or people whohave not fully recovered from gout, please use under the guidance of a doctor.