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User Manual CMYH002

Anti dust mite vacuum cleaner

User Manual

This product has the function of cleaning bed, sofa, bedding and pillow. When the machine works normally, there is no place for mites to hide. Vibration sterilization, strong suction can effectively remove the human body generated scurf, hair mites and other garbage, hot compress dehumidification. Generally, small particles less than 0.3 micron can penetrate the alveoli and enter the blood circulation, affecting the health of you and your family. Using this machine can give you health every day.

Product technical parameters

Rated voltage


Rated power


Rated frequency


Maximum vacuum




Dust collection



 Name of main parts and components


1.Do not use it outdoors or on wet surfaces. Do not use hands with water to plug the power cord

2.Pay attention to check whether the plug power cord is in good condition. Do not pull the power cord, but pinch the plug and pull it out.

3.Please do not use on the floor or carpet, and do not inhale sharp objects and liquids

4.Do not use the machine in front of the furnace, heater, inflammable and explosive materials

 Instructions for use

1.Plug in the power plug and turn on the power switch

2.When you clean the bed and sofa, gently push the machine, keep the machine parallel, and lay it flat on the bed or sofa.

3.When the collection bin is full, dump the garbage according to the diagram.

4. Wash and clean the sponge with water, and then dry it.


1. Why not work machine?

To: Check whether the power plug is inserted into the socket, and try to use other sockets in the home

2. Why does the suction of the machine become smaller and the sound louder?

Fault phenomenon

Check the reason

Terms of settlement

Suction reduced

Clean up the garbage in the collection bin

Is the garbage in       the collection bin full