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User Manual LFSH001/LFSH002

Technical Parameters


Rated Power Supply

Rated Power

Noise Value











demote control



Low speed — Medium soeed — High speed

Cooling Fan

Instruction for Use

Assembly and water adding method

  1. Open the packaging box, take out the air cooler and put it on the horizontal ground; check whether the parts in the packing box are consistent with the packing list in user manual.

Note: The ice crystal box is placed in the foam inside the carton.

  1. Installation of omni-directional wheel: Place the air cooler on the horizontal ground, take out the omni-directional wheel installed in the upper foam, and install the omni-directional wheel.

Mechanical Type

Use method

  1. Use method for remote control

Remote Control Type

  • On/ Off key: After plugging in the power, the air cooler is in standby mode, and the buzzer will give "Bi” sound. Press this key to turn on the air cooler. The air cooler starts at medium speed and then turns to low speed, and then press this key to turn off.
  • Wind direction (swing) key: Press this key, the wind can swing left and right automatically, press this key again, cancel the function; Manual horizontal swing, manually select the wind direction up and down.
  • Timing key: Under the working state of air cooler, press this key to enter the timing state. At this time, the timing is set as 1 hour; the timing available to set is 1~7 hours. When the timing is 7.5 hours, press this key again to cancel the timing function.
  • Cold air (humidification) key: When selecting cold air (humidification) shift, the cold air humidification function is started. At this time, if the frozen ice crystal box or ice is added into the water tank, the temperature of the air outlet can be reduced by about 3°C after a few minutes.
  • Wind speed key: Press this key continuously, the wind speed will be switched in the following sequence, with the corresponding indicator displayed
  1. Mechanical use
  2. Select the speed control switch to start and stop air cooler and select the wind speed

0- stop 1- low speed 2 - medium speed 3 - high speed

Use method of ice crystal box

Ice crystal box has unique features of cold storage and heat preservation, which can slowly absorb the heat in watery allowing the water temperature in the water tank to be lower than the ambient temperature, and the wind from the air cooler to be cooler.

Use method:

  1. Open the ice crystal box and fill it with full water
  2. Put the ice crystal box directly into the freezer until freezing completely.
  3. Put the frozen ice crystal box into the upper water tank.
  4. This machine is equipped with two ice crystal boxes, aiming to ensure continuous use in circulation.


        1. This product shall be used with the rated voltage.
  1. Non-professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to repair or modify the machine by themselves.
  2. Do not operate the machine with wet hands to avoid electric shock.

4.ln case of power cord damages, to avoid danger, it shall be repaired by the manufacturer^ its maintenance departmentor

  1. To prevent accidental injury or damage to the machine, please do not insert foreign objects at the air inlet and outlet.
  2. Do not use the machine outdoors; It is strictly prohibited to use the machine in the environment with inflammable and explosive gas, and avoid long-time direct sunlight
  3. Do not place the machine in an inclined or other uneven places. 
    1. At any time, the water level of water tank shall not exceed the "Max” indication scale. When the cooling air/ humidification function is turned on, the total water level of the water tank shall not be lower than the MMinwindication scale.
    2. After adding water into water tank, do not tilt or collide when placing or moving the machine. To move the machine, please push it slowly from the side to avoid water overflow. is prohibited to overturn the machine to prevent accidents. In case the machine dumps and it has water in the machine, unplug the power plug immediately and send it to the maintenance department or after-sales service office for maintenance.

    1. Do not place objects on the machine. Do not cover the air inlet and outlet.
    2. When cleaning the surface of the machine, wipe with wet cloth (or add a small amount of cleaning agent). Do not use corrosive cleaning agents or similar solvents. Do not wash (pour) the machine with water.
    3. Do not place the air inlet and outlet of the machine close to wall, curtain and other objects, to avoid danger or damage to the machine.
    4. Do not knock or vibrate the machine body during use, otherwise it may cause automatic shutdown (Remote control only)

    16.ln summer, the water in the water tank is easy to deteriorate and produce special odor. Please note to change the water. is normal to have a little special odor when the machine is used for the first two times. This odor is the smell emitted by the new cooling paper that gets contact with water

    1. Please pull out the plug when adding water and cleaning.

    2O.Make sure to disconnect the fan from power supply prior to removing the protective housing.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    1. Cleaning cooling paper

    Unplug the power plug, remove the air filter screen first, and then take out the cooling paper from the machine. After cleaning the cooling paper with neutral detergent and soft brush, wash it with clean water; and then put it back on the machine.

    Note: The cooling paper shall be installed smoothly and neatly to avoid water leakage.

    1. Cleaning water tank

    Unplug the power plug, the fixed and immovable water tank can't be pulled out for cleaning. When cleaning, wash with clean tap water for several times, and make sure to use clean tap water during use.

    1. Clean the housing

    Clean with neutral detergent and soft cloth. Warning: Due to the high voltage inside the machine, make sure to unplug the power plug for cleaning, and cut off the power Do not stain any part of the control panel with water.