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User Manual XCQH009



Safety instruction

1.1 About user manual

Before using this product, please read and understand all the contents of this manual and the Identification on the product carefully. Follow the steps in this manual to install this product. Please be alert when using the product and follow the instructions, which will keep you safe. Keep this manual safe and sound. If you transfer the product to a third party for use, please attach this manual along with this product. Any operation that is inconsistent with the contents of the instructions may result in serious personal injury or damage to the product itself. Losses due to failure to operate in accordance with the guidelines in this manual are not covered by the company’s warranty. This product is suitable for operation and use in a home environment.


1.2 Identification used in this manual

Please pay special attention to the very important instructions for your personal safety. Please be sure to read this carefully to avoid accidents and possible damage to the product.

1.3 Safe use

Warning: For the safety of children, special attention needs to be paid to the following:

  • his product cannot be used by children under 8 years old and persons with weak physical, sensory or mental disorders or lack of relevant experience and knowledge, unless they are supervised or instructed to use the product by someone responsible for their safety, who is concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved;
  • Safe custody of this product, stored outside the reach of children and those who do not have the ability to judge nearby hazards;
  • When a product is working near a child or is operated by a child, special care is required. When charging the product, pay attention to the charging cable and do not trip over children;
  • The packaging and plastic bags of this product should avoid children playing and have the risk of causing asphyxiation;
  • Do not use this product as a toy for children to play in order to avoid danger;
  • When configuring a rotating brush, do not touch any part of the rotating brush during use, otherwise it may cause mechanical damage.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision;

1.4 Scope of use of the product

Warning: In order to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and personal injury, it is absolutely prohibited and special attention in the following cases:

  • This product is only suitable for domestic use, do not be used for commercial purposes, do not use this vacuum cleaner outdoors, to avoid near heat source, sun exposure, high humidity environment (such as rain) Usingthis product, do not immerse the product in a liquid, and be careful to stay away from sharp objects to avoid damaging the product, and prohibit the used for purposes other than those specified in the specification;
  • Pay attention to the hair, fingers and other parts of the body, may touch the internal parts and cause electric shock or injury;
  • Note that corner, clothing accessories (ties, scarves, ropes, etc.) may be pulled into this product causing danger;
  • Do not suck any burning or smoky objects, such as extinguished soot, burning smoke heads or matches, hot ashes, etc.;
  • Do not suck any toxic objects so that their dust, gas and so on to cause harm to the human body;
  • Do not suck water or other liquids, especially carpet cleaning solution, internal moisture or water may lead to short circuit of electrical appliances;
  • Do not suck laser printer, copier internal use of toner, color powder, etc., otherwise it may lead to fire or explosion;
  • Do notsuck a large number of gypsum, cement and large pieces of paper, etc., These objects may clog the filter, must be cleaned up in a timely manner;
  • Do not use this product near or on the surface of flammable, explosive objects, there is a risk of causing fire and explosion;
  • When using and storing this product, do not approach the oven, fire place and other heat sources, which will cause deformation and damage of the vacuum cleaner shell. Do not be exposed to rain and should be stored in a cool, dry place indoors. Do not store and use this product near dangerous objects;
  • When cleaning stairs, please pay extra attention to safety, careful use, to prevent falling;
  • Do not wet the fuselage, otherwise there may be a short circuit of the vacuum cleaner and fire and electric shock accident;
  • This product cannot suck toner, lead powder on the battery,cannot be used in dangerous places or industrial production sites, so that non-flooring, ordinary ground, carpet special dust cause damage to the product, and even explode; 
  • Do not run this product unattended, please turn off the machine when not using this product repair and maintenance;
  • To frequently check this product and charger wire isdamaged, do not use damaged products;
  • Please use the original and instructions specified on the accessories, such as the use of non-designated or non-original accessories, may pose a danger or cause damage of the vacuum cleaner, the warranty will be invalidated;
  • Manufacturers and sellers shall not bear all the consequences arising from improper use and operation by consumers;
  • This product can only suck dry garbage, must not be used to suck liquid;
  • Do not disassemble the battery by yourself or throw the battery into the fire to avoid the danger of battery explosion
  • Under extreme use and temperature conditions, the battery may occur leakage, if the skin is carelessly to be stained with leaking battery fluid, please rinse immediately with water, such as the eyes to get liquid, in addition to rinsing with water, please immediately to the hospital to check treatment;
  • This product is equipped with a dedicated lithium battery and charger, please do not replace the battery by yourself or use other chargers to avoid damage to the product and cause other hazards.This charger is only suitable for this product, do not use it to charge other battery packs so as not to cause danger;


  • Do not suck sharp objects, such as shards of glass, pins, paper clips, etc., these objects may damage the filter;
  • This product before sucking ash. Please make sure that all filters are installed in place, otherwise it may cause damage to the product, andthe warranty will be invalidated;

    1.5 Product problem solution

    Warning: Do not disassemble and replace the battery by        yourself to avoid personal injury.

    This product is equipped with lithium battery, arbitrary disposal will cause adverse effects on the environment. Do not dispose of waste appliances and batteries as household trash. Before disposing of the appliance, the battery must be removed from the appliance; when removing the battery, the appliance must be powered off; the battery should be disposed of safely; since this machine is equipped with a non-removable battery, removing the battery must be done by a professional person. Before disposing of the waste appliance, please contact the local professional battery recycling organization in time to recycle it together with the whole machine.

    2. Product Parts Diagram

  1. Handle                                        10.Dust cup cover
  2. Main unit                                    11.HEPA filter
  3. Switch button                             12.Stainless steel filter
  4. Indicator light                             13.Sofa brush
  5. Dust cup                                     14.Two in one brush
  6. Plastic tubes                                15.Adapter                     
  7. Floor brush                          
  8. Air outlet
  9. Dust cup releasing button   

3.Operation instruction

3.1Charging of vacuum cleaner

Warning: Turn off the vacuum cleaner before charging.

  1. When the vacuum cleaner is in use, the indicator light can display the battery power status in real time. When the last light starts to flash, it indicates that the power of the machine is low.
  2. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special adapter, connect the adapter to the socket, the charging indicator lights cyclically lightin turn to show that the machine is charging. When three indicator lights are on, the battery power is full (Figure 1).

    3.After charging, unplug the adapter

3.2 Use of vacuum cleaner

Warning: Do not use the vacuum cleaner without the filter installed.

  1. According to the cleaning requirements, select the appropriate accessories, then insert the accessories into the dust suction position of the main unit, and ensure that they are installed in place.(Figure 2)

     2.Before working, check the rollerbrush is stuck by sharp objects to avoid scratching the floor by a foreign body while use.

     3.Long press the switch button on the machine to turn it on, andthe machine starts to work (Figure 3).

    4.During the working process of the machine, the position of the air outlet cannot cover any objects, and also do not cover any objects around the air outlet, otherwise the machine will be overheated and cause abnormalities in the machine; Do not cover the air outlet after use, so that the internal heat of the machine will disperse as soon as possible to ensure the service life of the machine.

    5.After use, press the power switch to turn off the vacuum cleaner.

4. Cleaning and maintenance

Warning: Before performing any maintenance, please make sure that the vacuum cleaner is turned off and the whole machine is not charged, otherwise it may cause electric shock or other personal injury.

4.1 Cleaning up the dust cup

Warm reminds: In order to achieve the best dust absorption effect, please empty the dust cup in time after each use. Please do not use the vacuum cleaner without the filter installed.

  1. Press down the dust cup release button and remove the dust cup from the machine. (Figure 4)

      2.Take the filter assembly out of the dust cup, and then pour out the dust. (Figure 5)

      3.After cleaning, put the filter assembly back into the dust cup, and then install the dust cup in the machine.

4.2Cleaning up HEPA filter and filter cover

Warm reminds: Use a clean filter to keep the vacuum cleaner with the best dust absorption effect. Clean the filter in time after each use to maintain good dust absorption performance, or go to the designated after-sales center to purchase a new filter to replace.

     1.Please check the filter frequently. When the surface of filter cover and HEPA filter have a lot of hair fibers entangled and accumulated, or there is a clear accumulation of dust, please clean up in time.

     2.Take out the HEPA filter and filter cover: as shown in Figure 5, remove the dust cup from the machine, then take out the filter assembly, after that rotate the filter cover counterclockwise to remove it from the assembly, and then rotate the HEPA counterclockwise to remove it. (Figure 6).

  1. Clean the HEPA filter, tap it lightly or brush the dust with soft brush. Clean the HEPA filter and filter cover with warm water. It is recommended to put all clean filters in the circulating air to dry naturally.

Warm reminds: Do not use dirty water for cleaning, do not place the HEPA filter, filter cover in the wet place. The washed filter should be dried naturally. Do not expose the filter or speed up the blow dry with hair dryer, which may damage the filter and shorten its service life.

Warning: After cleaning the HEPA filter,filter cover, be sure to use in the dry condition, such as the use of wet or non-dry filter, may lead to product damage or other personal injury and property damage.

       4.Rotate the clean and fully dried HEPA filter clockwise into the dust cover. Then rotate the filter cover clockwise to install it on the HEPA filter, and put it into the dust cup. Finally, install the dust cup on the main unit. You can hear a click when itinstalls in place.

Warning: Do not disassemble and replace the battery by yourself to avoid personal injury.

This product is equipped with lithium battery, arbitrary disposal will cause adverse effects on the environment, do not use waste products and batteries as domestic waste treatment, please contact the local professional battery recycling agency in time to recycle.

5.Troubleshooting & Solutions

If you find a problem while using the product, please review the key points and solutions in the following table first. If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact the after-sales service center for processing.

Warning: Please turn off the vacuum cleaner before maintenance, otherwise it may cause electric shock or other personal injury.

  Problem points

Possible causes


Vacuum cleaner does not run

1. The battery is exhausted ;

2. The used charger is not original.


1. Charge the battery according to the instructions;

2. Make sure that the charger matches the model you are using;

The sound of the machine is abnormal

The dust cup is full of garbage, or the air-duct is blocked;

Take out the dust cup and clean up the garbage or blockages

The suction power is weakened

1.The dust cup is full

2.The filter needs to be cleaned

3.Need to replace a new filter

4.The connection of tubes , or the crevice nozzle,or other accessories with handheld vacuum cleaner are not installed in place

5. The suction nozzle is blocked and the pipe is blocked

6.The battery power is low.

1.Clean the dust cup

2.Clean the filter according to the instructions on the manual

3.Contact customer service to purchase a replacement filter

4. Follow the instructions to reinstall

5. Clean the nozzle and tube according to the instructions

6. Charge the battery according to the instructions;

Dust spurts out when using

1.HEPA filter isn’t installed

2.The installation position of the HEPA filter is incorrect

3.The HEPA filter is damaged and needs to be replaced

1.Check whether the HEPA filter has been installed correctly according to the instructions

2.Install the HEPA filter correctly according to the instructions

3.Contact customer service to purchase a replacement HEPA filter

Vacuum cleaner stops working automatically

1. Battery pack is running out of power

2. Clogging of the suction nozzle and blockage in the pipe cause the overheating of the main unit

3. Filter blockage

1. Charge the battery as instructed

2. Clean the suction port and tube according to this manual and cool the main unit to normal temperature and restart

3. Clean the HEPA filter, dust cup, filter cover according to the instructions