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2 in 1 Hair Straightener & Curler JFBA004 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Product Specifications

Rated Voltage 


Rated Frequency 


Rated Power 


Product Net Weight 


Operating Temperature 


Ⅱ. Product Structure 

  • The drawing is for reference only and the details are subject to the real object.

Ⅲ. User Instructions 

  1. On/Off: Press the On/Off button to startup, the default temperature is 140 ℃ after startup, and then press the On/Off button 4 times again to shut down. 
  2. Temperature adjustment: This product has 4 gears for temperature adjustment, press the On/Off button to adjust the temperature, and the temperature will rise by 20℃ each time, and the temperature rises rapidly in approx. The 30s. The maximum temperature available is 200℃, and it will automatically enter constant temperature mode after reaching the set temperature. 
  3. Curling/Straightening function switch: Push the function switch button on the back of the product to lock the straightening splint, open the curling splint to make curly hair; push the function switch button down to unlock the straightening splint to make straight hair. 
  4. Negative ion: The product has the function of a negative ion, and the negative ion transmitter starts to work after startup. 
  5. Smart power-off: This product has the function of smart power-off. The product will automatically cut the power off in case of no operation within 60 minutes after startup. It is recommended that you turn off the power after use and unplug the product. 
  6. Curling and straightening switch:  
    • Straightening: Push down the function switch button, release the lock of the straightening splint, open the straightening splint, place a strand of hair in the middle of the straightening splint, hold the splint handle to close the splint, and slide down slowly from the hair root to hair tip. The action shall be smooth without pause, to avoid overheating and burning the hair. In the case of the styling of the hair tip, when the splint reaches the last 3-5 cm of the hair tip, rotate it inward (or outward) by half a circle, and maintain the position for 2-3s (the time is subject to individual hair thickness), then release, and repeat the action for the rest of the hair to complete styling. 
    • Curling: Push up the function switch button to lock the straightening splint, open the curling splint, adjust the temperature to a desired temperature, take a strand of hair and clamp with the curling splint, rotate the splint inward or outward by 180°, roll down slowly along the hair, then release, and repeat with the rest of the hair to complete styling. 

Ⅵ. Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Prior to cleaning, please make sure that the switch is turned off and the power is disconnected. The surface of a product can only be touched and cleaned after the appliance body has completely cooled down. 
  2. The user can use a soft and wet cloth to clean, wipe the housing and heating element with a soft and dry cloth, remove the "dirt" on the surface of the heating element of the product on a regular basis, and avoid scratches on the product due to use of hard objects. 
  3. Do not use irritant cleaning agents (e.g. foam, banana oil, alcohol, and other chemicals) to clean the product to prevent corrosion on the surface of the product. 
  4. Do not immerse the product in water for cleaning. 
  5. After the product is cooled down completely, place and store the product in a safe, dry, and clean environment (do not place it in an environment with high temperature and high humidity, e.g. bathroom, or kitchen). 
  6. Do not wrap the power cord around the product, and avoid excessive pulling and bending of the power cord, otherwise, it will shorten the service life of the power cord and cause dangers, e.g. electric shock. 

Ⅴ. Warm Tips

  • About the Duration of Hairstyle: 
  1. Once the user is familiar with the use method, the hairstyle can maintain for 1-2 days. It is recommended to use hair care oil or elastin prior to styling, to create a dynamic hairstyle. 
  • About Hair Static Problems: 
  1. Due to personal hair quality or dry weather, friction, and other problems, it will generate static electricity. It is recommended that you do not brush your hair or style your hair too fast. After styling, the user can use hair care essential oil, apply one or two drops to the hand palm and disperse evenly to the hair, and comb the hair slowly. 
  • Safety and Precautions 
  1. Do not use it when taking a bath or shower.
  2. Do not use this appliance near a bathtub, shower, washbasin, or other utensils filled with water. 
  3. Prior to connection of the power supply, please make sure that the voltage marked on the product matches the local power supply; do not leave it unattended when connecting the power supply, and make sure to unplug the product after use 
  4. Do not use the product for those who are insensitive to heat, otherwise, it may cause burns or scalds. 
  5. Please pull out the power plug when not using it, otherwise, it may cause an accident or even personal risks. Please note to the following situations: abnormality of appliance operation; prior to cleaning; after use each time. 
  6. Do not use this appliance with wet hands. If the appliance falls accidentally into the water, unplug it immediately. When the appliance is connected to a power supply, in no case that it can be placed close to the water environment. 
  7. Do not modify and disassemble the product without permission. In case of any problems, please contact the after-sales service. 
  8. Do not use accessories not produced or recommended by our Company. 
  9. Do not immerse this product in water or other liquids. 
  10. Do not use the product with wet hands, please use it with dry hands, otherwise, it may cause a short circuit, resulting in danger of electric shock. 
  11. The plastic parts near the ironing board and splint can turn hot quickly. Avoid contacting the skin with the hot surface of a product. Do not allow the splint to stay on your hair for more than a few seconds, otherwise, it may damage your hair. 
  12. If you are using styling products, always clean the product after the product has cooled down to avoid product damage. Do not use this product for any purpose other than styling hair 
  13. Please keep the product beyond the reach of children and infants, otherwise, it may result in electric shock and injury. 
  14. Do not place this appliance on surfaces that are not heat resistant, and keep it away from flammable objects (e.g. towels or clothing). 
  15. This appliance is not suitable for the hair of pets. 
  16. Do not contact your body with the hot parts of the appliance, especially your eyes, ears, face, and neck. 
  17. This appliance is not intended for use by people (including children) who are weak, slow in response, or mentally handicapped. To use this appliance, it shall be used under the supervision and guidance of the person responsible for safety. It is forbidden to use by unattended children and disabled people. 
  18. Please check for any possible obvious damages prior to the use of this product each time. In case of damage, do not use it. 
  19. If the user feels any discomfort after use, please stop using and seek medical help. 
  20. Excessive use of this product may damage the skin. 
  21. In case of product deformation or damage, do not use it again, to avoid the risk of electric shock and fire. 
  22. In case of power cord damage, to avoid danger, it shall be replaced by a professional person from the manufacturer, its maintenance department, or a similar department. 
  23. Do not use this appliance near inflammable and explosive materials (g. alcohol, gasoline, nail remover, spray, etc.), otherwise, it may cause fire or explosion. 
  24. Do not drop or knock the appliance. In case of appliance damage due to dropping or collision, please do not use it again. 
  25. When unplugging, do not pull the power cord directly, and do not handle the appliance by pulling on the power cord. 
  26. Do not store this product in a damp environment. 
  27. After use or not using it for a long time, please turn off the machine and allow the machine to cool down. 
  28. Do not cover the appliance with any objects during use. 
  29. Prior to the use of this appliance, do not use any flammable substances on your hair, g. hairspray, styling mousse. These substances may ignite when getting contact with hot brushes. 
  30. This appliance can only be used on dry natural hair, and cannot be used for artificial hair. 
  31. To enhance protection, it is recommended to install a residual current device (RCD) with a rated residual working current not exceeding 30mA in the electrical circuit of the bathroom power supply. 
  32. This product has a heating function, and the surface temperature is high. People who are not sensitive to heat shall take care when using it.
  33. When using the appliance, the temperature of the splint surface may reach 210° C, and it is forbidden to place the appliance on a soft mat or blanket while it is hot. 
  • Warning: This appliance is not a toy. The children are prohibited from playing with this appliance as a toy. 
  • Warning: Keep the appliance dry. 


  • Q1: Can I use it when the hair is wet?
  • A1: It is not allowed, can use it when the hair is almost dry.

  • Q2: If I have my hair permed, can I use it to straighten the hair?
  • A2: It could be used, but cannot straighten the curled hair totally, to make the effect better and more lasting, we advise to go to the barber to do the professional straightening.

  • Q3: How do the set temperatures apply?
  • A3: 140°- for fine soft hair; 160° - for normal hair; 180°- for coarse and hard hair; 200° - for professional styling.

  • Q4: Does it have negative ions or not?
  • A4: It does not have negative ions, but it has Vegetable protein coating to protect the hair.

  • Q5: Will it be too hot to grasp or will it burn the head part?
  • A5: It comes with insulated design, will not hurt your hand or head.

  • Q6: Is it 2 in 1 use?
  • A6: Yes, it is 2 in 1, straighten or curl.

  • Q7: How long can the effect lasts?
  • A7: It depends on the hardness of the hair, for natural soft hair, it could last longer.

  • Q8: If I have my hair dyed, can I use it?
  • A8: Yes, can use.