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Corded Mite Vaccum Cleaner CMYH002 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Product technical parameters 

Rated Voltage


Rated power


Rated Frequency


Maximum vacuum 



70dB (A)

Dust Collection Capacity


Ⅱ. Name of main parts and components

  1. Handle
  2. Power Switch
  3. Dust Cup Switch
  4. Dust Collector
  5. Roller
  6. UV Germicidal Lamp
  7. Flap Plate

Ⅲ. Application Method

  • Startup 
  1. lug in the power plug and turn the power switch on. 
  2. Press the switch to start the machine and press it again to turn it off.
  3. When the machine cup lifts off the clean work surface, tap the plate and the UV germicidal lamp turns off 
  • Bed Cleaning 
  1. When you clean the bed, gently push the machine to keep it parallel to the bed surface. 
  • Carpets, Mats Cleaning 
  1. When you clean the carpet mat, lay the machine flat on the surface and move the machine back and forth as shown. 
  • Pillows, Cushions Cleaning 
  1. When cleaning similar items such as pillow cushions, we recommend you move the machine back and forth as shown in the Figure. 
  • Ultraviolet Sterilization and Mite Removal 
  1. This product is equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which can effectively remove bacteria or mites from mattresses or other objects. 
  • Storage
  1. Twist the power cord around and place the machine in the box 
  • Dust Collector Removal 
  1. Press down the dust cup button and remove the dust cup. 
  • Filter System Cleaning 
  1. Note: It is recommended to clean the machine after multiple uses as instructed in the "Cleaning and Maintenance" section. If the area in which the dust collector is embedded is blocked by an object, invert the dust collector to decant the blockage, or use a tool directly to clear the blockage. 

Ⅳ. Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Open the dust cup and take out the kerchief
  2. Dump the garbage in the dust collector box and use water if necessary.
  3. When applying water washing, it must be dried before reloading.
  4. Take out the lapel, gently wipe off the dust on it or dry it after rinsing it with clean water. Do not use a brush, so as not to damage the filter.
  5. If damaged, frequent replacement is required.

Ⅴ. Precautions

  1. Please do not let the vacuum cleaner too close to the heat source and other high-temperature objects, so as to avoid the deformation of plastic parts, affecting the use.
  2. When using this machine, please pay attention to installing each filter part, do not use it when missing filter parts.
  3. Ensure that the power supply is safe grounding power, and the local voltage is consistent with the voltage identified by the product.
  4. Check that the plug and power cord must be intact to avoid the danger of electric shock.
  5. When placing a product, it is recommended that you cut off the power cord. It is also recommended that you do the same with any parts that may cause any danger, especially for children.
  6. This product is only suitable for beds, sofas, blankets, and other indoor environments, and can not be used as an ordinary vacuum cleaner in the industrial environment or indoor use.
  7. Please do not use a vacuum cleaner water or kerosene, gasoline, paint a combustible liquid and detergent, or other corrosive liquid, so as to avoid the liquid into the motor caused by motor failure, or even fire or explosion.
  8. When using a vacuum cleaner, please do not inhale hairballs, large paper balls, burning cigarette butts, uncooled cinder, carbon, and other items that are easy to make the suction or straw, or hose blockage, otherwise, it may cause motor failure or shell deformation, or even fire or explosion. If inhalation causes a blockage, stop and unplug for cleaning.
  9. Do not use the vacuum cleaner to suck cement, stone powder, wall powder, and other small particles and any dangerous dust, otherwise, it will cause the filter parts of the vacuum cleaner to be blocked, the motor to burn out, and even fire or explosion. If the particles have been inhaled, clean the filter components in time.
  10. Do not use the machine on objects with cracked surfaces, and do not use the machine on objects that are prone to decolorization.
  11. When you need to clean or repair the machine or do not use the machine, please unplug the power plug. When inserting or removing the power cord, hold the plug and do not pull the power cord.
  12. When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, please use a wet cloth containing water or neutral detergent, and do not use gasoline, banana water, etc., otherwise it will cause the shell to crack or fade.
  13. This product is equipped with an ultraviolet sterilization lamp. Please avoid looking at the bottom of the machine when the power cord is connected, so as to avoid ultraviolet radiation to the human body. Please do not let the ultraviolet light shine on the animals and plants, so as not to damage them. Please do not concentrate the ultraviolet rays in one place for a long time, which is easy to cause damage to the object of cleaning.


  • Q1: How many watts? What is the capacity of the dust cup?
  • A1: It is 400W with 0.25L dust bin

  • Q2: Can pet hair be sucked?
  • A2: Yes, you can use it to suck the pet hair on the bed or sofa.

  • Q3: Is it wired or wireless?
  • A3: It has 4 meters cord, you need to plug it in to use it.

  • Q4: Can I replace the filter element?
  • A4: Yes you can, but this filter is washable, you may wash it once a week.

  • Q5: Is it loud?
  • A5: This vacuum's noise degree is 75db, it is very good for daily use.

  • Q6: Does it have UV light?
  • A6: NO.