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Dehumidifier CUSH003 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Model Specification 

 Product model




 Hygroscopic capacity




 Product size ( CM )






Moisture absorption


Body material






Ⅱ. Components


Ⅲ. Use Instruction

  1. When it is used for the first time, please check whether the hygroscopic particles in the display window are orange. If they are dark green, please restore them to orange with electricity.
  2. If the moisture absorption particles in the display window are orange (DRY), the dehumidifier can start dehumidifying. Place the dehumidifier in a moisture-proof space such as a wardrobe or cabinet.
  3. When the desiccant particles in the display window of the dehumidifier are dark green (WET), it means that the dehumidifier has absorbed full moisture, please power for 12 to 15 hours, until the desiccant color in the display window turns orange, which means that moisture has been completely discharged, and the dehumidification force is restored as new, you can continue to use dehumidification (if the display window does not change back to orange after 15 hours of power, it means that there is still moisture not completely discharged. Please continue to plug in the electric heating for a few hours).

Ⅳ. Cleaning

  1. Make sure that the power button is pressed and the power cord is removed. Scrub the dust and dirt on the surface and at the air inlet with a soft cloth. If you want to clean the tank, please remove the tank and open the tank cover to clean the tank.

Ⅴ. Precautions

  1. Read these instructions.
  2. Heed all warnings.
  3. Follow all instructions.
  4. Do not install it in any heat source.
  5. Use only manufacturer-specified accessories/accessories.
  6. Do not place any hazard sources on this product.
  7. Please keep it with your warranty card for future reference.
  8. The rate of moisture absorption varies with different environments, humidity, and seasons. At the same time, the color change rate of hygroscopic particles in the display window is affected.
  9. When energized reduction regeneration, the color change rate, and color drop are normal. If the display window does not change back to orange 15 hours after being energized, it indicates that there is still moisture that has not been completely discharged. Please keep it plugged in and heated for a few more hours.
  10. This product is low power consumption, even if plugged in more than the recommended time, it does not cause any harm to the product or the environment.
  • Safety Instructions
  1. When the product is powered on, the power indicator will light up, and the body will produce mild heat is a normal phenomenon.
  2. When this product is powered on, avoid covering the shelter, so as not to cause damage to the product.
  3. When this product is powered on, the display window presents a faint sound caused by water vapor and hygroscopic particles discharging moisture, which is a normal phenomenon.
  4. When this product is powered on, please keep more than 10 cm away from other articles to increase air convection and avoid damage to the product.
  5. The product must be approved by the company or joint quality of the technical personnel to replace or repair.
  6. Do not soak directly in water. So as not to cause damage to goods or leakage risk.
  7. Children and the elderly should use it under supervision and guidance.
  8. If anything abnormal (such as a peculiar smell) is found, please turn off the power and contact the dealer for maintenance as soon as possible. Do not repair by yourself to avoid danger.


  • Q1: How to judge whether it can dehumidify or not?
  • A1: If the light shows orange, it means it's dry and it can dehumidify wetness. If the light shows green, it means it's moist, and needs to be plugged in to dry inside out for further use.

  • Q2: Can it dehumidify nasty smell in the room?
  • A2: Yes, it supports. Our product can not only dehumidify wetness, but also the nasty smell.

  • Q3: Can it be used in the car or cabinet?
  • A3: Yes, it supports. When full charged, it can work for about 2 weeks. After the light turns green, you can then plug it in to dry it out. When ithe light turns orange, you can continue to use it.

  • Q4: Why does the indicator show red light when charging?
  • A4: It's the normal situation, which means it's drying the inside out. When it's fully charged, the red light will be off, and the indication light of the dehumidifier will turn green.

  • Q5: Why doesn't it show orange light when I first use it?
  • A5: Because the product may have absorbed some moisture during transportation, you need to plug in the power to dry it, then the indicator light will turn orange and you can use it normally.