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Electric Air Cooler LFSH001 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Specification parameters

Product name

 Model No.

Rated voltage

Rated power

Noise intensity

Maximum water injection

Electric Air Cooler






Ⅱ. Product display

  1. Upper cover of water tank
  2. Switch control panel
  3. handle
  4. Air outlet
  5. Water level window
  6. caster
  7. drainage outlet
  8. bottom surface

Ⅲ. Operation instructions

  • Assembly and water adding method
  1. Open the packing box, take out the air fan, and put the air fan on the horizontal ground; Check the packing box
  • The parts conform to the packing list in the instruction.
  • Note: The ice crystal box is placed in the foam inside the carton.
  1. Install the universal wheel: Put the air fan on the horizontal ground, take out the universal wheel installed in the upper foam, and install the universal wheel.

Electric Air Cooler usage method

  1. Swinging blades
  2. Shutdown
  3. Strong wind
  4. Middle wind
  5. Weak wind
  6. Cold wind

Selecting the speed control switch can turn on/off the fan and choose the wind speed

 0 - stop, 1 - low speed, 2 - medium speed, 3 - high speed.

  • Instructions for using the ice crystal box:

The ice crystal box has a unique cooling and insulation feature that slowly absorbs heat from the water, lowering the temperature of the water in the tank below ambient temperature, resulting in cooler air blown out by the fan.

  • To use:
  1. Place the ice crystal box in the freezer until it is completely frozen.

2.Place the frozen ice crystal box in the water tank.

  1. The machine comes with two ice crystal boxes that can be continuously used in rotation.

Ⅳ. Cleaning and maintenance

  1. Clean the wet curtain paper
  • Clean the wet curtain paper by unplugging the power plug, removing the air filter first, then taking out the wet curtain paper from the unit. Brush the curtain paper with neutral cleaning agent and a soft brush, rinse with clean water, and then reinstall it. Note: The wet curtain paper should be installed flat to avoid leakage.
  1. Clean the water tank
  • Clean the water tank by unplugging the power plug. Fixed water tanks that cannot be moved cannot be pulled out for cleaning. Clean with clean tap water several times during use and use clean tap water throughout use.
  1. Clean the exterior
  • Clean the exterior with neutral cleaning agent and a soft cloth. Warning: Because the machine contains high voltage, the power plug must be unplugged and the power must be turned off when cleaning. Control panel should not get wet at any time.

Ⅴ. Precautions

  1. This product should be used in accordance with the rated voltage.
  2. Non-professional repair personnel are not allowed to repair or modify the machine themselves.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to operate with wet hands to avoid electric shock injury.
  4. If the power cord is damaged, to avoid danger, it must be replaced by a professional designated by the manufacturer, repair department, or similar department.
  5. Please unplug the power plug when not using the machine for a long time or when cleaning and moving the machine.
  6. To prevent accidental injury or damage to the machine, do not insert foreign objects into the air inlet or outlet.
  7. Do not use the machine outdoors; it is strictly forbidden to use the machine in an environment with flammable and explosive gases and to avoid prolonged direct sunlight on the machine.
  8. Do not place the machine on a sloping or uneven surface.
  9. The water level in the water tank must not exceed the "MAX" (maximum) mark at any time. When cooling/humidifying, the total water level of the water tank should not be lower than the "MIN" (minimum) mark.
  10. After adding water to the water tank, do not tilt or hit the machine when placing or moving it. When moving the body, push slowly from the side to prevent water from overflowing.
  11. It is strictly prohibited to overturn the machine to prevent accidents. If the machine accidentally tilts and there is water inside, unplug the power plug immediately and send it to a repair department or after-sales service center for inspection.
  12. Do not place objects on the machine and cover the air inlet and outlet.
  13. When cleaning the exterior of the machine, wipe with a damp cloth (or add a small amount of cleaning agent), do not use corrosive cleaning agents or similar solvents to clean. It is strictly forbidden to rinse the machine with water.
  14. Do not place the air inlet and outlet of the machine close to walls, curtains, or other solid objects to avoid danger or damage to the machine.
  15. Do not hit or vibrate the body of the machine during use, as this may cause automatic shutdown. (Only applicable to remote control type)
  16. In summer, the water in the water tank is prone to spoil and produce odor, so please pay attention to replacing the water.
  17. Product maintenance must be carried out at the designated repair point of the company.
  18. The machine may emit a slight odor during the first two uses, which is a normal phenomenon caused by the new wet curtain paper contacting water.
  19. Unplug the plug when adding water or cleaning.
  20. Ensure the fan and power are disconnected before removing the protective casing.