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Electric Dough Mixer HMJH001 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Specification parameters

Model No.

IMF code

 Rated voltage

Rated power

Rated frequency






Ⅱ. Product diagram

  1. Gear switch 
  2. Rod return switch 
  3. Machine body 
  4. Stirring rod 
  5. Steel bowl 
  6. Base

Ⅲ. Operation Instructions

  • Direction for use
  1. Before use, make sure the gear switch is pushed to the "O" position, and then insert the mixing rod (and face rod) into the bottom hole of the rod. 2. Plug the power into a standard power outlet.
  2. The prepared food is poured into the container and the required speed is adjusted according to different needs. (Note: The time switch must be from low to high when starting to use)
  3. After stirring, push the switch position to "0", lift the fuselage, and hold down the rod return switch to remove the mixing rod (and noodle rod).
  4. Use a rubber spatula to remove excess paste from the stick. Do not scrape the stick with a sharp object or strike the container with the stick.
  5. Operation time: The operation time of the machine shall not exceed 5 minutes.





1 gear

low speed


Liquid, Protein

2 gear


Soy sauce, gravy, and pudding

3 gear

Intermediate speed


Mixed paste

4 gear


Cream, mixed with cake powder

5 gear

high speed


Soft mixed cream, egg (egg yolk, white)

  • Operation
  1. Clean the whisk the first time you use the appliance.
  2. When mixing the food, please put the whisk stick into the beater and insert it into the hole.
  3. Make sure the debug button is in the "0" position and plug it into the power socket.
  4. Push the speed control button, a total of five-speed gears, and choose the gear you want to start mixing. Note: Do not put the knife, metal spoon, fork, and other metal products into the stirring process.
  5. The continuous working time shall not exceed 5 minutes, and the rest shall be at least 10 minutes between two consecutive cycles.
  6. After stirring, set the speed control button to the "0" position and unplug it.
  7. Scrape the mixture off the whisk stick with a plastic or wooden spatula.
  8. Hold the whisk stick gently with your left hand, and press the back button with your right hand to remove the whisk stick.
  9. Note: Only at the "0" position can the rod be returned. 

Ⅵ. Cleaning and maintenance

  1. Allow to cool thoroughly before cleaning.
  2. Wipe the whisk and its base clean with a damp cloth, then dry with a soft dry cloth.
  3. Clean the dirt stuck to the power cord.
  4. Rinse the whisk in warm water or in the dishwasher and dry.
  5. Warning: Do not immerse the host in water or other solutions for cleaning!

Ⅴ. Safety precautions

  • Before using electrical appliances, follow the following safety precautions:
  1. Please read the product instruction carefully before use.
  2. This product is designed for home use and does not assume responsibility for damage caused by failure to follow the instructions.
  3. In order to prevent the risk of electric shock, the live engine of the hand-held mixer should not be placed in water and other liquids.
  4. Do not operate the egg beater with wet hands.
  5. Remove the plug when you stop using it. Clean the used parts and put them away when not in use.
  6. Remove the component before inserting the plug.
  7. Avoid touching moving parts.
  8. To avoid personal injury or damage to the mixer, keep hair, clothing, debris, and other paraphernalia away from the whisk while in use.
  9. Remove the whisk before cleaning the fork.
  10. In order to avoid fire or electric shock injury, it is not recommended to use accessories that are not equipped by our factory.
  11. Keep the cord away from hot surfaces and stove surfaces.
  12. Do not let the power lines wind around the edge of the table or cabinet.
  13. Do not operate faulty products caused by power cables and sowing heads, dropped or otherwise damaged products. Please send it to the nearest appliance Licensing service department for inspection and repair.
  14. Do not use this product outdoors.
  15. The family uses only.
  16. Persons (including children) who lack physical, sensory, or mental abilities, or who lack experience or knowledge, shall not use the appliance alone unless there is a person who supervises or instructs the use of the appliance and is responsible for their safety.
  17. Pull out the power plug after use.
  18. Once plugged in, hold the bowl steady and press the switch button.
  19. Disassemble and disassemble when no one is in use. Disconnect the power supply of the product before cleaning.
  20. This product is not a toy, in order to avoid accidents, please keep it away from babies and children, do not put it in a place where babies and children can touch it, and please do not let babies and children play and use the product.
  21. Turn off the power switch of the product before replacing the whisk stick, noodle stick, or touching the moving parts of the product.
  22. The product switch should be set to the "0" position before the product is powered on.
  23. When the power cord of the product is damaged, it must be replaced by professionals from the manufacturer, its maintenance department, or similar departments in order to avoid danger.


  • Q1: Can it  make a cake?
  • A1: This dough mixer can make cake dough.

  • Q2: Is it loud? Does it wobble when you use it?
  • A2: It's not loud, and it doesn't shake when you use it.

  • Q3: What is the capacity of this dough mixer?
  • A3: It is 3L.

  • Q4: Can it work continuously? Do I need to stop in between?
  • A4: Yes, you may stop it for 5-10 minutes if you use it for a lon time.

  • Q5: How many accessories are available?
  • A5: There are 2 accessories.

  • Q6: Can I use it make cream?
  • A6: Yes you can.