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Electric Kettle DRSH002 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Technical Parameters

Product Model

MFG Code

Rated voltage

Rated input power

Rated frequency



220 v ~ 240 v



Ⅱ. Components and installation drawings

Ⅲ. Use Method

  1. Place the Kettle on a flat surface.
  2. Remove the kettle from the base, and insert water not less than the minimum water level, or exceed the maximum line.
  3. Put the kettle on the power outlet and connected it to the base.
  4. Press the switch, and indicator light, Kettle began to boil water.
  5. The water boiled off when automatically cut off the power, and the Indicator light turns off.
  6. You can turn off the power at any time.
  7. Automatically cut off the power and then re-switch it but necessary to wait 15-20 seconds, so that the cooling temperature sensor unit in order to re-open.

Ⅳ. Clean and maintenance

  • Clean and maintenance
  1. Clean before allocation of plug Remove from the base, and also the filter, use oil or soft detergent to clean the outer surface in order to maintain(To avoid the use of invasive and friction cleaning)
  2. Avoid dipping in water to clean, prevent water erosion thermostat and plug.
  3. The effect of water quality is, water will be a naturally occurring process as a result of accumulated calcium oxide. Cleaning must be conducted regularly.
  • How to remove scale
  1. Loaded half the water and also added 30 milliliters of white vinegar. Stir 30 seconds after the special static, so repeat after a night can be placed (for example, need to repeat this process in case of serious)
  2. Do not use any metal or hard objects to clean up the hot plate, otherwise, it will create scratches.
  3. Do not place or get sun exposure on the barbecue fire.
  • Simple Maintenance
  • If the water for a long time cannot be found, please note the following.
  1. May damage the power cord{should replace by technical person}
  2. May be a loose plug
  3. May not switch on the power
  4. Heat burned the body.

Ⅴ. Notes

  • Before use, please note the following
  1. Make sure that the rated voltage accomplishes the rated voltage for withstanding the normal load.
  2. Must have a grounded power supply in the outlet.
  3. Although the product has a dry boiling protection device, aim for the extension of life, and avoid dry boiling.
  4. Do not let children touch the product and pull the power cord to avoid burns, electric shock.
  5. Do not put it near the fire source, flammable goods, and the oven.
  6. Put boiled water away for the first time.