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Electric Sandwich Maker SMZJ001 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Model Specification 

Model No.  Rated Voltage  Rated Power  Rated Frequency 
SMZJ001  220V  650W 50Hz

Ⅱ. Part Name 

  1. Upper shell
  2. Buckle
  3. Indicator light
  4. Lower shell
  5. Handle
  6. Baking pan 

Ⅲ. Operation instruction 

  • To achieve the best performance of the product, please follow the use instructions below: Please plug in the 220V - power supply with grounding when using 
  1. There will be slight smoke and odor during heating for the first time, which is a normal phenomenon; it will disappear after using for 2-3 times; 
  2. Plug in the power cord, cover the lid, and allow the machine to preheat for 3 minutes; 
  3. After the indicator light goes out, put in the ingredients, cover the lid and wait for 3-5 minutes (During this period, the indicator light may go on and off repeatedly: the indicator light goes off that the machine automatically stops heating after reaching the set high temperature, and starts heating automatically when it is lower than the set high temperature for safety protection), and then open the lid and take out the food carefully (you can choose to extend the heating time depending on preference); 
  4. Please unplug the power cord immediately after use.
  • Note: Some models may not contain certain parts, and the actual product shall prevail. 

Ⅳ. Cleaning and Maintenance 

  1. Unplug the plug of the product and allow it to cool prior to cleaning. There is no need to dismantle the machine for cleaning. Do not put the product in water or dishwasher. 
  2. It is recommended to use a brush to remove food residues in the groove. Wipe the baking pan with a paper towel and remove the oil that may remain in the groove. You can also wipe the baking pan with a wet cloth. Do not touch the pan with any rough matter that may scratch or damage the non-stick pan coating. 
  3. Only wipe the outside of the machine with a damp cloth. Do not clean the machine with a rough scouring pad or wire wool, as this will damage the integrity. Do not immerse components in water or other liquids. 
  4. Do not place the machine in the dishwasher. 
  5. Do not use metal tableware to remove food, otherwise, it will damage the baking pan. 

Ⅴ. Notes 

  • Please read this user manual carefully prior to use and pay attention to the following items 
  1. Please make sure that the operating voltage you use is consistent with the voltage indicated on the rated power label of the product; 
  2. To prevent electric shock, do not put wires, plugs, or cooking parts into water or other liquids; 
  3. Do not touch the high-temperature surface, please use the handle; 
  4. Do not allow children to use the appliance; 
  5. When children approach using electrical appliances, adopt strict preventive measures; 
  6. Unplug when not using or prior to cleaning. Allow the appliance to cool down prior to cleaning or storing; 
  7. If you want to disconnect the product from the socket, do not pull the wire violently, please hold the plug and pull it out; 
  8. Do not use electrical appliances in case of wire damage. Do not use in case of parts fault, when the electrical appliance is broken, or damage to any extent. To prevent electric shock, do not attempt to repair the product by yourself. Please bring it to an authorized service center for inspection and repair. Incorrect reassembly may cause electric shock during the use of the product. 
  9. Use of accessories not approved and recommended by the manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock, or injury; 
  10. Do not use the product outdoors or use it for commercial purposes; 
  11. Do not use the product beyond the scope of designed use; 
  12. Do not hang the wire on the edge of the table or other platforms, nor contact high-temperature objects; 
  13. Do not place the product in or near the hot gas, electric stove, or oven; 
  14. During use, place the machine only on a heat-resistant flat surface; 
  15. When moving electrical appliances containing hot food, water, oil, and other liquids, special care shall be taken; 
  16. Warning: This appliance will generate heat for us. Take proper precautions to avoid burns, fires, or other dangerous injuries to personnel and property; 
  17. When using, keep the spaces above and around ventilated. During use, do not let the appliance to get contact with curtains, wall materials, clothes, napkins, or other flammable materials; 
  18. Please use the wall socket; 
  19. The product is available for domestic use only; 
  20. The machine has polarized AC current plugs (one pin is wider than the other pins). To reduce the risk of electric shock and as a safety guarantee, the plug is only suitable for one polarized outlet. In case the plug is not fully inserted into the socket, try to insert it in the opposite direction. In case the machine still does not work properly, please contact a qualified electrician. 
  21. The use of a short power cord can avoid being entangled or stumbling. Take care when using extension wires. When using extension wires, ensure that the rated power is at least equal to the rated power of the electrical appliance. The extension wires shall not be hung or placed on the table or table to prevent children from pulling or stumbling accidentally. 
  22. Prior to using for the first time: remove all packaging materials; clean the baking pan with a wet cloth or sponge; apply cooking oil gently on the baking pan; prevent liquid from entering the electrical appliance. 
  23. Note: high-temperature surface; 
  24. During the operation of the appliance, the temperature of certain surfaces is very high; 
  25. In case of power cord damages, it must be replaced by professionals of the manufacturer, its maintenance department, or similar departments in order to avoid danger; 
  26. The appliance cannot operate under the mode of an external timer or independent remote control system. 


  • Q1: How to turn it on an off ?
  • A1: Plug into socket to turn it on , unplug to turn off.

  • Q2: When the power supply has been connected, after turning on the switch, the indicator light of the machine will go out after a while.
  • A2: The light will be on when you firstly plug it into the socket and turn on the switch. While the light will be off once the set temperature is reached. If the sandwich maker needs to work to produce more heat, the light will be on again.

  • Q3: How to clean it?
  • A3: This product contains a non-stick coating. You just need to wipe the product with a cleaning cloth. If you want to use running water to clean, please keep the water away from dangerous parts such as the bottom or socket.

  • Q4: Should I add oil when I use it cook egg?
  • A4: It's recommended to add a little oil to  maintain the non-stick ability of the coating.

  • Q5: Which kind of food it can cook?
  • A5: Sandwich, Steak, Egg, Chicken chop, Shrimp, Bacon.

  • Q6: Does it come with sealed design?
  • A6: Yes, it comes with sealed design.
  • Q7: What is the difference between the sandwich maker and the waffle maker?
  • A7: Both of them are not detachable. The former is only for sandwich making, the later is only for waffle. They have the same heating working principle.