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User Manual CMYH002

Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Instructions for Use

Dear valued customers:

Thank you for using this product. We will provide you with the following services in accordance with peace of mind and satisfactory of the product.

①This product is a product that has undergone strict quality management and inspection process.

②Please properly keep the mstructions for use as proof of your warranty.

③If you need detailed information or have any questions, please visit  website, or contact the service center。

④If the machine failure cannot be eliminated during use, please contact the maintenance warranty period in the following way: please contact our after-sales service center or special maintenance site for maintenance, and our service personnel will visit your home to provide service.

After warranty period: Please contact our after-sales service center or special maintenance site for maintenance at the specified charge.

Do not disassemble and repair the machine by yourself or repair it by a professional or maintenance center, otherwise it is easy to cause danger.

Warranty term:

1.The warranty only covers manufacturer defect,parts include motor and circuit board.

2.The following circumstances do not fall within the scope of free services.

A.Failure to produce instructions and invoices

B.Alteration of invoice

C.Damage caused by accidental fectors or improper use

D.Damage caused by repair by oneself without the permission of our company

E.After the shelflife of three packs, it can continue to be used after repair

3.Since this product is for domestic use, if it is to be used in public places (stores, schools, hotels, etc.), the guarantee repairing period is 3 months for main machine and 6 months for main parts.


Product Features


  • With double flapping plate flapping shock, 400W dust motor suction dust mites, it can effectively kill and remove mites and their excreta deeply buried in the bed and bedding to better care for you and your family.
  • A quadruple filtration system with a washable HEPA filtration composition effectively filters particles as small as 0.3 microns is equipped to ensure that all dust mite particles remain in the dust cup to be removed.
  • Stainless steel filters with apertures as low as 0.2 mm can be used to effectively prevent large particulate dust debris and to prevent secondary contamination of the machine.
  • It has dual switch protection to prevent UV lamp from radiating to the human body during machine use.
  • With a removable dust cup, after removing mites, dust mites and their excreta are removed with one click.
  • With 1.5KG lightweight body, it can ensure lightweight long use without fatigue.
  • With a noise of 76 dB (A), it gives you a comfortable and healthy mite removal experience.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Open the dust cup and take out the kerchief

Dump the garbage in the dust collector box and use water if necessary.

When applying water washing, it must be dried before reloading.

Take out the lapel, gently wipe off the dust on it or dry it after rinsing with clean water. Do not use a brush, so as not to damage the filter.

If damaged, frequent replacement is required.


Please check all aspects before commissioning for service.

If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or similar full-time staff in order to avoid hazards.

Note: All the contents of this item are related to safety, so the user must comply with them.

The precautions in this project are only for correct use of this product.

That the degree of hazard and possible accidents are explained in this part.

1.Do not use other accessories not approved by the manufacturer, and the warranty will be automatically suspended if the machine malfunctions as a result.

2.Please check whether the product is damaged and whether the accessories are complete after unpacking.

3.If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a professional of the manufacturer in order to avoid danger.

4.Children and incapacitated persons should use this product under the supervision of their guardians.

5.In the event of a malfunction, the power plug should be removed immediately and the defective product should not be placed in working order.


When using this machine, please be careful to install each filter part, and do not use it in the absence of filter parts.