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Dehumidifier CUSH002 User Manual English Version

Ⅰ. Product parameters

Rated power supply


Rated power


Nominal dehumidification capacity

380mL/d (27°C, RH:60%)

Water tank capacity


Machine weight


Body size


Ⅱ. Product Introduction

Ⅲ. Product Use

  • Operation Instruction
  1. Please ensure that the power cord is connected and powered on normally before starting the machine.
  2. Press the power button of the machine, and the display will be on, which means the machine is started and the indicator on the display screen will be on to display the function and the ambient humidity and temperature of the day.
  3. At this time, press the machine power button again, and the display screen will be off, and the dehumidifier will stop working, which means the machine is shut down.
  • Drainage description
  1. First cut off the power supply of the machine, then pull out the handle of the transparent water tank of the machine (Figure 1), pull out the black waterproof plug on the water box, and then plug the black waterproof plug after pouring out the accumulated water.
  2. Put the water tank back into the machine, plug in the power, and press the switch to dehumidify again.
  • Tips
  1. Do not remove the float in the water tank. If the float in the water tank is removed, the water level sensor will not be able to sense the water level normally, causing the machine to fail to work normally after the water overflows when the machine is full of water.
  2. When putting the water tank into the machine, it must be put in place. If the water tank is not placed properly, the water full sensor will not work normally.
  3. Before moving the machine, please drain the water in the water tank. Otherwise, the machine will be seriously damaged if the water overflows and immerses in the machine during moving.

Ⅳ. Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Clean the machine
  1. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth, wipe the control panel with a dry cloth, and do not wash it directly with water.
  2. For serious dirt, please wipe the dirty part with a soft cloth dipped in a litter-neutral detergent. 
  • Clean the water tank
  1. Clean the inside of the water tank with a soft cloth.
  2. Do not remove the float assembly without permission, otherwise, the product parts will be damaged and the float will not float normally.

Ⅴ. Precautions

  • In use
  1. The recommended working environment of the machine: the humidity is greater than 40% and the temperature is greater than 5 ° C.
  2. Please place the dehumidifier on a level and stable ground, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid being close to the heater.
  3. During use, please close the doors and windows to prevent moist air from entering the room and affecting the dehumidification effect.
  4. When using, please ensure that there are no obstacles within 50cm around the dehumidifier.
  5. Please ensure that the water tank is correctly placed before use to avoid water outflow.
  • No use for a long time
  1. Unplug the plug, drain the residual water in the water tank, dry the water tank, and put it in place.
  2. Put the power cord away, ensure that the machine is stored upright, and store the machine in a cool and dry place.
  • Power cord
  1. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by professionals from the manufacturer, its maintenance department, or similar departments to avoid danger.
  • Safety regulations
  1. Do not plug or unplug the power plug with wet hands.
  2. Do not stop the dehumidifier by unplugging the power cord.
  3. Do not connect the socket beyond the rated voltage of the machine or overload the socket.
  4. Do not insert the washing stick or hard object into the machine body to avoid failure.
  5. Do not block the air inlet and outlet in any way.
  6. Do not move or store the machine when the machine tilts.
  7. Do not drink water from dehumidification or feed it to animals or plants.
  8. Do not open the machine shell while the machine is running.
  9.  Places not to use the dehumidifier: places near the heat source; places where combustible gas may leak; places with heavy dust; places exposed to sunlight; inclined places.


  • Q1: What's the benefit of negative ion from your product?
  • A1: It can absorb bacteria, smoke, harmful gases and other pollutants in the air, doing good to sleep quality, and benefiting your health.

  • Q2: If I use it for 24 hours, will it affect the product use life?
  • A2: Our product is designed to be used for 24 hours, so if you use it for a long time, it won't affect product use life.

  • Q3: What should I do if it doesn't work when I plug it in?
  • A3: If the electricity is good, but when you plug it in, it still does not work, it is an internal circuit short circuit, please contact the official customer service of our store for after-sales support.

  • Q4: Is the power consumption high?
  • A4: No, it's the energy-saving type with low watt of 65W.