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User Manual DFBA002/DFBA003 EN

Rice Cooker

Instruction Manual



1 .Do not let water or other liquid flow into the machine when you clean the machine.

    Do not put the product in water to clean directly.

2.Before you put the inner pot into the rice cooker body ,pls clean the bottom of the inner pot, make sure there is no impurities on the heating plate or

  1. When you take out the inner pot from the rice cooker it must be after the power cord.
  2. Please put the product on a fixed platform, and far away from children.
  3. This is an I class product, please do not open the inside of the product. When the power cord is broken, ask the Professional person to replace it.

6.Please let the rice cooker far away from the other heat source or damp environment. Please do not put the inner pot directly on the fire to cook food.

  1. When the rice cooker is working, the steamer hole is very hot, please do not touch the cover and handle.
  2. Please check the product voltage whether it is the same as your voltage.
  3. When the product appears dry, please unplug the power directly, do not touch the heating plate.
  4. When finished cooking, the inner pot is very hot, please do not take out the inner pot immediately.


Method of use

1 .Put the proportion of water and rice into the inner pot. Please do not use the inner pot to clean your rice.

  1. Dry the bottom and outside of the inner pot, then put the inner pot into the cooker. Gently rotate around the inner pot to make sure the inner pot touches well with the heating plate.
  2. Cover the lid , connect the power cord, press the switch button down, when cook light on, it means start to cook.
  3. When finished cooking , the rice cooker will automatically turn to a warm ,warm light to start to warm.
  4. Five minutes after cooking to open the cover. please use PP or wood spoon to harvest food ,do not use metal spoon.
  5. Please unplug the power cord when you finish cooking and warming.

Product maintenance


  1. Please use the towel to clean the inner pot and cover, avoid being scratched and damaged.
  2. Do not put the product in water to clean directly.
  3. Please dry it and put it into a plastic bag when not in use.
  4. When you clean the deluxe rice cooker which has a double lid, let the board which has the word side face yourself ,pls use water or Soft cloth to clean the double lider.
  5. Please don't use metal or hard brush to clean the inner pot, please use soft cloth to clean the inner pot.





fault phenomenon




indication light off

heating plate is not hot

power cord do not connect well

check the switch .power cord ,plug whether is connect well heating plate is hot

heating plate is hot

1 .indication light or step-down resistance damage

2.indication light or step-down resistance loose

send to specify local repair


Indication Light on

heating plate is not hot

1. cable fall off

2. electric heat pipe element burn out

send to specify local repair


rice is not cooked or cooking time is too long

1 .need at least five minutes open the cover after finish cooking

2.heating plate deformation

3.inner pot tilt, inner pot do not contact well with the heating plate

4.foreign matter between the heating plate and bottom of the inner pot

5.inner pot is deformation

1 .do not open the cover when just finished cooking ,need waiting some time

2. send to specify local change inner pot

3. gently rotate around the inner pot, make the inner pot contact well with heating plate

4. use soft cloth clean the heating plate and bottom of inner pot

5. send to specify local change inner pot


over cooker

1. cooking buttons and connecting rod not flexible well

2 .limit of probe is failure

send to specify local repair


can not keep warm

warmer damage or lever link is not flexible

send to specify local repair


body leakage

hemp hand feeling

liquid flow into the power cord plug or switch

clean the body or send to specialty local repair