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User Manual DKZP001 EN


Functional characteristics

  1. Cooker pot roast that can meet both needs cooking.
  2. Two hiccups in temperature control, can switch as you like.
  3. Design layer anti-adhesive, without baking-stick pot.
  4. It can increase the temperature automatically. An arbitrary mode is selected: grill and hot pot.

How to use

When first used this product to clean, wipe dry disc development heat. In the first use , smoke coming out is a normal phenomenon, you have to cook for 3-5 minutes.

How to cook hot pot:

  1. Place the product on the table flat, pour clean water into the pot on the left disc and the playback heat amount of water does not exceed 2/3 of the pot, with a tight lid glass lid.
  2. Plug in your electric pot, turn the knob to switch the pot to position “high heat” indicator lamp the operation of pot light, the pot started to heat;
  3. Wait after the water in the boiling pot can cook food you need, and adjust the heat level according to the desires.
  4. After the user is finished, first unplug, wait for the pot to cool, then proceed to the toilet.

How to use baking tray:

  1. Place the product on the table flat, sweeping amounts of cooking oil in moderate onto a baking tray;
  2. Plug in, turn the knob to switch the baking tray to position “high heat” warning light, baking, breakfast, baking begin heating;
  3. After preheating is finished, can put food should be fried, baked on the baking tray, when fried, baked to pay attention to flip food to food is heated evenly;
  4. After the user is finished, first unplug, wait for a baking tray to cool, then proceed to the toilet.


  • To ensure efficient cooking food title conference before each fry, bake, need to change the cooking oil once.
  • If you need to move products during use, please pay attention and do not touch the metal parts to avoid burns.


Things to note

Warning: To avoid injury due to misuse, please read this user guide thoroughly before using this product and use this product strictly according to the aim stated in the user guide.

1. Please use private socket 10A or on 10A, ensure the socket is connected before use. At the same time, please confirm the input voltage is 220V ~ 50Hz.

2. Can't be cooked for a long time.

3. This product is electrical equipment industry capacity is strictly forbidden to use the socket mobile bluetooth software is strictly forbidden, shared socket with other electrical devices.

4. This product can not be operated with timer connection in addition to or in the control system remotely independent.

5. Do not pull the power cord, india power cord, or to wire hung drooping down along the sharp objects or sharp edges, at the same time keep away from sources of heat and moisture source; never plug the strange metal, etc. into the holes or slots, heat sink, if not, can cause damage or electrical shock .

6. Do not damage, bend, stretch, twist the power cord excessively, do not place heavy objects on the power cord or pinch the power cord. Please unplug the power cord before moving the products; prohibits embedding the power cord, the plug and this product into water or other liquids to avoid the risk of electric shock.

7. If you discover a power cord, plug damage or product malfunction, please stop using it to avoid danger.

8. Temperature of the outer surface of the product is relatively high during work or when you finish using it, please don't contact the surface of the product.

9. It is strictly forbidden to keep flammable objects such as paper or plastic, etc. in this product or keep other items in this product because that may cause a fire.


11. Strictly forbidden to place this product near flammable objects or heat source, to pay attention to the curtains and the other similar widgets to cause a fire.

12. To avoid oil, smoke in the process of work products contaminate appliances and radiate heat, causing a fire, must keep a certain distance between products with walls, kitchen cabinets, objects, flammable.

13. When using this product strictly forbidden to children and the disabled limbs, who have a defect of sense or spirit, or lack of experience and knowledge are related, use the product alone. If there are children on the side, I have to be more careful when using the product. Do not put this product out of reach of children.

14. When finished using the product or do not use it for a long time, have to unplug it from the outlet to avoid the risk of electric shock or leakage power due to electrical insulation and aging.

15. Please do not move this product while the product is in operation to avoid burns due to oil at high temperatures or liquids with high temperature.

16. Before cleaning, moving or inspecting and repairing this product, unplug the power cord, wait for the product to cool before performing.

17. When using this product, please put the product on the table to withstand high temperature to avoid burning the table surface.

18. In the process of use, please do not use knives or metal utensils to cut the food in the baking tray or pot.

19. Do not soak this product in water.

20. This product is only suitable for use in families, do not use this product for other purposes.


Note: During the product operation, the temperature of the heating coils and a number of very high surface, surfaces will be hot during use and it is strictly forbidden to touch to avoid burns.