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User Manual DSLU001 EN




User Manual

Please read this manual carefully prior to use and keep it properly.


Product Diagram


  1. Cancel: Stop the baking process.
  2. Gear knob: Select the gear for baking degree.
  3. Chip tray: Temporary storage of bread crumb.
  4. Pressing system: after pressing, the product starts to work.
  5. Put the bread in the slot: place the bread for baking.


Electrical schematic diagram


Technical Parameters

Product Name


Electric Toaster

Product Model



Rated Voltage



Rated Frequency



Rated Power



Product operation instructions


After power-on of the toaster, press down the lifting lever to start working. The user can adjust the knob gear according to his/her own taste.


Press the Cancel button to cut off the power immediately.


Note: Do not place bread when using it for the first time, allow the machine body to heat up and fully burn the debris particles that may exist in the machine body.

  1. Please select the baking degree from seven gears. The larger the gear, the darker the baking color.

(It is recommended to use gears 1-3 when using for the first time)

  1. Turn on the power and adjust the proper baking degree

After selecting proper gear, put the bread into the bread trough, press the lifting lever to automatic lock, and the baking function will start. To stop baking, please press the “Cancel” key.

  1. The bread will pop up automatically after baking.
  2. If the food needs to be roasted repeatedly, it shall work continuously in the standard gear 4 and reduce the gear gradually.

Warm prompts:

Working hours of each gear of toaster

(For reference only)


Gear 1 

Gear 2

Gear 3



1min 15s

1min 45s

Gear 4

Gear 5

Gear 6

Gear 7


2min 40s

3min 05s

3min 25s

1. The above baking time is test data of room temperature of 25 and 2 pieces of bread. The specific time shall be subject to the actual situation;

2. The size and thickness of bread may affect the baking time.


Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Please unplug the plug prior to cleaning the toaster.
  2. It shall be cleaned after the machine body is completely cooled.
  3. Do not wash the toaster in water.
  4. Wipe the toaster housing with a wet towel.
  5. To prevent crumbs from accumulating in the crumb pan, clean the crumb tray on a regular basis.


Points for Attention

  1. Prior to use for the first time, open the package of the machine body, check carefully and take out the items inside the bread trough.
  2. Prior to inserting the plug into the socket, make sure that the voltage marked on the machine body conforms to the locally applicable voltage.
  3. In case of no use any more after use, please make sure to turn off the power supply and unplug the plug to ensure safety.
  4. When pulling out the plug, make sure to hold the plug, do not pull the power cord, to avoid damages to the power cord, thus resulting in leakage risk.
  5. Please keep the power cord plug and user's hands dry to avoid electric shock.
  6. During the operation of this product, keep children away to avoid danger.
  7. This machine serves as a high-power product, please do not use with other high-power electrical appliances (e.g. oven, microwave oven).
  8. When using this product, make sure do not place it near the fire source, inflammables or electric oven.
  9. When operating this product, please place it on a flat desktop or platform.
  10. Please stop using this product immediately in case of the following situations:
  11. When the power cord or plug is damaged.
  12. After connecting the power supply, it has no function or fail to operate.
  13. When the housing is damaged from collision or falling.
  14. This product is designed for domestic use. Do not use it for business activities or operate the machine outdoors.
  15. For safety, please do not disassemble or repair this appliance without authorization
  16. Bread may burn, so the toaster shall not be used near or under curtains and other flammable materials, and shall be watched during use.
  17. The appliance shall not run under the mode of external timer or independent remote control system!
  18. When it needs to use the toaster repeatedly, the product shall be used intermittently to avoid high temperature.
  19. When storing this product, make sure that the product has been cooled.
  20. The product will produce high temperature during use, please be careful to avoid scalding.
  21. Bread grill is only allowed for thawing bread or baking irregular bread.